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As winter rolls around and the nights draw in the time spent outdoors greatly decreases and instead more and more time is spent within the confines of your fours walls. That doesn’t have to be the case, however. If you have an outdoor space then there is nothing stopping you from enjoying it all year round. Here are some ways in which you can make the most out of your garden month after month. 

Make it comfortable

Comfort is king. If you want to sit and enjoy a space wherever that space may be you want it to be comfortable. Fortunately, the days of white plastic garden furniture are long gone and outdoor seating has been replaced with rattan, cushions and loungers. On a hot summers day sit back and relax on your sun lounger and in the winter bring out the thick blankets and snuggle up on your large comfortable rattan furniture. 

Add a shelter 

Shelters are a great addition to any garden for every season. They provide shade in the summer, warmth in the winter and somewhere to hide from the rain in between. You could opt for a pergola covered with a natural shelter of foliage and flowers or an awning or outhouse. Shelters come in many shapes and sizes and for all budgets, whether you choose temporary fold up gazebos or oak frame kits to create the look and feel you want; investing in a shelter is one of the best ways to ensure you can use your garden all year round. 

Light it up

It’s well known that with the winter comes darker nights and if you want to enjoy your garden on a winters evening then chances are you will be sitting in the dark. The right garden lighting can transform the environment and experience so ensuring there is ample and adequate lighting all year round is a must. Just because you are outside doesn’t mean you need bright and harsh lights, instead, keep it soft and serene with warm low lighting to subtly illuminate the outdoor space. 

Think about the season, and accessorise accordingly

Enjoying your garden all year round brings with it a number of seasonal considerations you will need to make. In the summer you may want to ensure you have mosquito-repelling candles or burners, together with ample amounts of suncream and potentially anti-histamine. In the darker and colder winter months then outdoor heaters and blankets are a must.

Make it social  

As with anything getting more people involved and creating a social event is a great way to enjoy a space, whatever the weather. Use your garden as an extra room to socialise in, have a fire pit party and toast smores and enjoy sparklers with the family. Hang fairy lights from your pergola, fire up the pizza oven and invite guests around for an outdoor pizza feast. If you have decent seating, appropriate shelter and good lighting you can enjoy a social event in your garden all year round. 

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