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With winter on the way, it is around this time of year when we all need to start thinking more carefully about whether our workplaces are set up for winter. It’s not just a matter of ensuring that colleagues and customers are happy: it’s also an important health and safety matter.

While you can’t control the conditions outside, you certainly do have a say over conditions inside. Here’s what you need to do to prepare your business from the coming cold weather and stormy conditions.

Do Make Sure That Your Building Is Ready

Winter can be tough on your building and the infrastructure it contains, so before winter arrives, make sure that you have a comprehensive maintenance plan in place. Do any essential plumbing and make sure that you get engineers to service your HVAC. Ensure that all systems are ready to operate, should the weather suddenly take a turn for the worse. Avoid allowing pipes to freeze in the cold weather at all costs, as this can cause tremendous damage. 

Don’t Neglect To Provide Heating

Some premises don’t have central heating systems. In the summer, this isn’t a problem. However, the moment temperatures start to fall, it can make things unpleasant for customers and colleagues. 

Ask yourself, do you need to hire a heater or boiler? Having a heating system on hand can help you make conditions more pleasant, particularly if you’re going to be outside. 

Do Promote Safe Driving

If your employees commute to work by car during the winter, they are at higher risk of an accident. According to data, around 116,000 people get injured every winter because of adverse weather conditions. 

As a business, therefore, you can promote safe driving. You can encourage employees to winterise their vehicles, and get them to take alternative means of getting to work. You can also provide them with education on avoiding drink driving over the holiday season. 

Do Reduce Slippery Surfaces

Around 40,000 people suffer injuries every year because of icy, slippery surfaces at work. It’s an incredibly common occurrence, but also something that you can easily avoid on your premises. If you think that there is a good chance of icy conditions, hire a company to grit all your car parks and drives. Also, if you operate a warehouse facility liable to ice buildup, distribute salt and grit indoors too. 

If there is any wet flooring, put up signs warning people that there is water on the floor. Place mats at building entrances to prevent people from dragging slippery moisture in on their shoes. Mop away any water building up in your interiors quickly before it becomes a slip hazard. 

Don’t Forget To Create A Safety Plan

Before winter arrives, it is a good idea to develop a safety plan. Having a proper plan in place can help protect you in the event of litigation or if the authorities decide to inspect. You can get plenty of help online creating a compelling safety plan if you haven’t done it before. 

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