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Many parents will experience empty nest syndrome after their kids move out, whether they head off to university, go travelling, or announce their independence by looking for a house or flat of their own. While it’s tough to see them leave, especially if they are moving to another city, you know you need to let them do this. You can also see this as an opportunity. While it will take some time to get used to not hearing them moving around the house, you can think about what you can do with their bedroom to add the finishing touches to your home. So what are your options?

Keep It As It Is 

Although some parents redecorate the day after their kids move out, others prefer to keep it as it is, because they never know when their kids may want to come home, even if it’s just for a weekend. 

Keeping the bedroom as it is will make them feel more comfortable when they spend the night, but it also means you don’t need to worry about packing things away or sorting through anything they’ve left behind. If you’re looking for a relaxing option, this is the one to go for. 

Clear It Out and Design a Spare Bedroom 

On the other hand, you might be one of those parents who wants to realise their spare room dreams immediately. As soon as they’re out the door, take a box and throw everything you can find inside to keep in the loft and think about what you want the bedroom to look like. 

Looking at small single beds means you can make it a place for the grandkids if and when they ever arrive, but you can also use it as a general guest bedroom, so make sure it’s as comfy as possible for whoever comes over.

Give Yourself The Home Gym You’ve Always Wanted 

If you’re looking for a way to add space to your home without an extension, this is the perfect way to do so, and a home gym is a great solution to your spare room problem. 

While you will; need to get some equipment, even if it’s just a set of weights and a yoga mat, it makes it easier to stay fit without going to the gym, saving you money on a membership and allowing you to do a little, even when you can’t be bothered to go out. 

Transform It Into a Workspace 

A dedicated workspace is also a fantastic idea, whether you and your partner are still working or not. A home office allows you to keep work and home separate, and it also gives you a place to work on any hobbies if you’re keeping yourself busy during retirement. Plus, you won’t clutter up the dining room table, which will save hassle when you have guests over. 

Making The Most Of It

Some parents feel weird about completely changing their child’s room, but you must think about what you want and what you can do with your home. You might find that you have more ideas than you expected, which will give you plenty of things to think about. 

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