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In the last few years, many of us have been unable to travel because of various restrictions. As a result, our lifestyles have changed, and travel is no longer a priority. But there are loads of excellent reasons to travel, such as improved well-being, creativity, and education. Read the article if you need some inspiration to start brainstorming your next holiday and start planning. 

New experiences 

Travel broadens your mind, so they say, but what does this mean in practice? For one thing, travel is a chance for new experiences that are outwith the normal routine. This is very important for your well-being and your personal development; it’s hard to grow when you live in a routine. 

The other way that travel broadens the mind is by visiting new places and learning new things. That’s right; a holiday isn’t only for relaxing and re-energizing; it’s also for visiting historical sites and engaging in a multi-sensory learning experience with a company like london student tours


If you’re a creat[ive person, you will be familiar with inspiration. Inspiration comes along when you least expect it, and you have to stop what you’re doing and capture the ideas and thoughts to take your project forward. Other times, there is a dearth, and inspiration must be created. 

The good news is that you can generate inspiration, and one of the best ways is to travel. When you travel, you break out of the daily routine and create conditions with new stimulation. The effect is new ideas and perspectives on old problems, in short, new inspiration. 


Some people think creativity is inherent. People are either creative, or they aren’t, the same way some people are good at drawing while others gave up early on. Actually, creativity isn’t inherent; instead, it’s a technology that can be learned. Travel is one way to enhance creativity. 

If you want to find creative ideas, it’s best not to rely on inspiration. Inspiration is excellent for kickstarting your creativity but if you want a more pragmatic approach, try putting ideas together to create new ideas. Traveling is the perfect way to let your mind wander or find ideas to use.

Memory making 

Studies and psychologists have recently found that people are less interested in material possessions these days. Perhaps, that’s because materialism has reached its peak, and people can have any possession they desire. But what people really want is a meaningful life. 

A meaningful life can be created by traveling. When you travel with the people you know and love, you make memories that will last forever. Not only will you remember the good times for yourself, but there will be annual reminders of your holiday on social media that can be shared.  

The food 

Last but not least, a top reason to travel is for the food. We’re all familiar with cuisine from around the world – it’s easy to buy on supermarket shelves. But these pre-packed, processed versions are inadequate replacements for the real thing. Don’t forget your camera. 

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