***Disclaimer – Dylan was gifted the items in this post. All thoughts and opinions are ours***

Jaques of London Elves have worked very hard this year to bring you the best gifts at amazing prices. They have award-winning toys and games with stunning deluxe signature packaging. Jaques of London offer outstanding quality at amazing prices.

Musical Bench

Do you have a child to buy for who loves anything music related? Dylan is a little boy who loves to dance and loves anything musical related. Jaques of London have an amazing musical bench so your little ones can get creative with music. It is perfectly designed for little musicians hands. This musical toy offers you two toys in one as it has a fun twist, you will also receive three coloured balls, which your little musician can hammer through to make fun musical notes below.

This musical bench helps your little musician learn whilst having fun creating their beautiful musical notes. It helps them with colour recognition, helps to improve the precision and flexibility of their little hands. This musical toy has multiple sensory benefits allowing them them to associate sound with colour and will also help with fine motor skills by practicing precise hand movements when moving the mallet.

This musical bench not only offers our children many educational benefits, it offers hours of musical fun. Our little ones can express themselves through play and music all whilst getting creative with rhythm, sound and music.

This beautiful music bench is made out of solid sustainably 100% FSC approved sourced wood. Painted in a non-toxic paint, making play safe. A solid toy you can rely on that is highly portable. You can find the musical bench here over at – https://www.jaqueslondon.co.uk/products/lets-play-musical-bench

Construction Bench

Do you have a child who loves role play? Dylan is always copying his Grandad and is always curious what he is doing when doing DIY, so when we saw this kid’s construction bench we thought Dylan would love his own little toolkit/bench. Dylan can now be just like his Grandad and get creative as this construction toy offers many educational benefits. Through role play this toy can help develop fine motor skills by hammering and also tightening screws and bolts. This construction toy also helps with colours as the the tools are brightly coloured. They will also learn tool names, about the world around us and job role curiosity. This is a great toy to help with mathematical skills, key skills involving numbers, counting and basic numeracy.

This construction set offers many hours of great fun developing essential life skills. It comes complete with a ruler for measuring, as well as the wooden bench fully equipped with screws, bolts, hammer, screwdriver and spanner. With this construction set any child will enjoy learning about width and lengths as well as tightening and loosening coloured bolts and screws.

This construction set comes with a removable shelf, screws and bolts offering hours of building fun and endless imaginative play opportunities. The wood is painted in safe water based paints making play safe . This beautiful construction bench is made out of solid sustainably 100% FSC approved sourced wood. A solid toy you can rely on.

Noah’s Ark

With Noah’s Ark you will certainly be gifting the fun of storytelling magic. Noah’s Ark comes with 16 beautiful coloured animals all ready to board Noah’s Ark. The roof to the Ark is removable and there is also storage underneath. This wooden Noah’s Ark toy is perfect for story time and makes a perfect visual stimulus. Creative play is priceless and it is beautiful to watch a child’s imagination play freely and come to life during story telling.

This Noah’s Ark features two storeys and a folding bridge. You get two of each animals ready to board the Ark in your fun story. This beautiful Noah’s Ark is made out of solid sustainably 100% FSC approved sourced wood. Painted in a non-toxic paint, making play safe. A solid toy you can rely on that is highly portable.

This toy is overflowing with educational benefits as well as colour recognition, learning shapes and recognition of animals. Toys such as this are perfect for imaginative play and allow your child’s creativity to be unleashed!

Jaques of London offer a stunning range of toys for all ages, Grandad has his eye on a fun fishing game in the section of toys for 4 year olds, which he is claiming that it is for Dylan, but we all know he is the one wanting it really!

All of Jaques Of London toys are lovingly handcrafted and designed to have multiple benefits. Jaques Of London have been making toys and games since 1795 – A beautiful family run business, now 8th generation of toys and game makers!

Give the gift of fun, happiness and education with Jaques of London!

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