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When we think of giving the home a makeover, we often think of the interior first and foremost. However, the vast majority of people are going to get their first impression of our home from the outside, not from the inside. For that reason, it might be worth taking a look at the exterior of your home and asking yourself “is it time for a makeover?” If so, here are a few options worth considering.

A lick of paint does a lot of good

If you want the most basic of upgrades, then you should look at a simple colour refresh. The exterior of the home can fade and chip away over time, and finding a new colour for it can help rejuvenate it and bring some light back to it. Similarly, adding a new coat to paint to your fence or to other fixtures that complement the home can be just as helpful, as well.

Learn to accessorise

It’s not just the exterior surface of the house itself that will play a role in its curb appeal, but how you dress it up, as well. For instance, you can look at providers like Eglo and find the light fixtures that you can install which can both make the home look a lot warmer while also providing some security (as good lighting acts as a good deterrent to would-be criminals). Vertical and windowsill gardening options can help the home look more lush and colourful, too.

Change the face of the home

Of course, if you really want a total transformation for the look of the home, then you can take a step further with it. With the help of teams like Sydney Cement Rendering, you can add cladding to your home, which transforms its entire facade. This is usually installed over the exterior wall, changing both the look and the texture of the property from the outside. It can also add some additional insulation, not to mention protection, of the walls underneath.

Landscape it

Of course, it’s not just about the exterior of the actual building itself, but whatever front garden you have makes a big difference as well. An unkempt or even underwhelming garden can let a beautiful exterior down. For that reason, you should consider working with teams like Eloquent Landscapes to add some depth and beauty surrounding the property.

The eyes of the house

There are a few features of your home’s exterior that give it that extra personality and depth that you should be investing in. Not only will updating old doors and windows help to do this, but it can add real value to your home, as well. On top of that, newer windows and doors tend to be much more energy-efficient and better at insulating the home, which can make it less costly in terms of heating and air conditioning, as well.

The home’s exterior is just as deserving of a makeover as the interior. The tips above can help you find the options that match your budget, as well as your style.

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