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The coronavirus revealed a lot of things, including the relationship that we have with our homes. Many people discovered that, when it came down to it, they were not as enamoured with their property as they would like to be. And given how much a house costs these days, that’s a shame. While there’s much to love about the outside world, we should always work to ensure that we like being at home. After all, when the temperatures dip or the rain settles in, that’s where we’ll have to be. So we may as well enjoy being there!

In this blog, we’re going to look at a handful of ways that you can nudge your property in the right direction. Take all our tips on board, and you might just find that it has become your favourite place on earth!

Big On Comfort

How comfortable is your home? Some people know how to invest in their home’s comfort credentials, but that’s not true for everyone. You’ll love those rainy days if you have a space that really allows you to sink into comfort. There are plenty of ways to do this, including upgrading your couch, adding more pillows and throws, and also investing in comfortable clothing. There really aren’t too many things better than having a lazy day indoors!

Pet Love

What could be better than curling up on the couch with a fluffy animal by your side? Not too many things! Once you’ve got a pet in your life, spending an evening at home will be much more appealing. Indeed, you might prefer to stay home, rather than go out on the town. If you think you’re in a position to get a dog, then go ahead. There are websites where you can find an Australian Cobberdog for sale, so you could have a dog in your house pretty soon. An Australian Cobberdog is a good breed for homeowners because they’re easy to train, which means less mess in your house. 

Deep Relaxation

The outside world can be chaotic. Fun, but chaotic. If you’re going to have the energy you need to live life to the fullest, then you’ll need to have a place to relax. You can push your home towards becoming a truly relaxing place by making a few adjustments. For instance, limiting the annoying aspects (such as reducing the noise from the street, filing faulty appliances) and putting together a relaxation space. This can be a spot with incense, no screens, a nice view of the world, things like that.

Know Thy Neighbours

Finally, remember that your house doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Unless you’re living in a really remote area, then you’ll have neighbours by your side. You’ll feel much more at home — not to mention safer — if you take the time to get to know your neighbours. Could you host a BBQ for the street? You won’t be best friends with everyone that lives around you, but there are plenty of advantages to knowing who they are.

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