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At some point in family life, your children are going to ask you for a pet. It’s the inevitable side of parenting that children want to love a little more of an animal. You get it: you wanted to love more so you created more children! Children would love the chance to be with a pet and learn how to cuddle and have fun with a real life dog or cat. You could even look at getting a parrot if you want something you don’t have to walk! 

A pet teaches your children responsibility, fun and how to love more. They can get more physical exercise, improve their mental health and learn more lessons about loyalty. Saying yes to a family pet is an exciting thing to do when you haven’t ever owned one before, and all you have to do is decide which pet you want. You’ll learn the hard stuff, such as where to get wholesale parrot food suppliers and how to contact them. You’ll also learn how to time walking your pet and how to clean up after it. Saying yes to a family pet may be more poop for you to clean up, but here are some reasons you should say yes.

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  1. It’ll make the whole family healthier. A pet encourages you to get out into the fresh air, especially if you choose to buy a dog. Before you start stocking up on the necessities, make a point of knowing how your new pet can make you feel healthier. You’ll all spend time outside more, and falling in love with a pet brings everyone together, too. If there are people in your family with allergies to pets, you’ll also spend some time learning how to make this easier.
  2. Think about the costs. Yes, there are costs, but that shouldn’t stop you from saying yes to having a pet in the first instance. You need to think about adding a pet to your budget so that you can pay for food, accessories and vet appointments as well as insurance. 
  3. It’s a commitment you’re willing to make. Before you bring the pet home, know that it’s a big commitment to make and take the time to get okay with that commitment. Some pets need more time outdoors, and some pets don’t go outdoors at all. If you have the space, the love and the time to spend with a pet, then saying yes is a good idea. 
  4. You have the chance to give them a lot of love and care. You and your whole family can spend time with pets and love them. Make sure that your children know what it takes to look after a pet and you can all agree to look after it together. Assign roles to the family so you all know what’s expected of each of you.
  5. You’ll keep it forever. The right pet for the family is one that you can keep forever, and it’ll be worth every second.

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