Are you a lover of freshly homemade meals that are quick and easy to make? we certainly are. Here is a quick an easy Lamb Stew!

This meal took about 20 minutes to make was absolutely delicious.

Ingredients Used Were:

  • Lamb mince – 200g
  • Red onion – 1
  • Carrot – 1
  • Garlic clove – 2
  • Courgette – 1
  • Tomato puree – 30g
  • Harissa paste – 50g
  • Ground cumin – 1 table spoon
  • Chicken stock paste – 10g
  • Chickpeas – 230g
  • Ciabatta – 1
  • Salt – pinch
  • Pepper – pinch
  • Olive oil – drizzle for the pan and ciabatta
  • Water – 200ml

How We Cooked Our Meal

We started off by pre-heating our oven to 200c and putting our pan on a medium heat. We drizzled a little oil into our pan and once heated we added our Lamb Mince to the pan. Whilst the mince was cooking we washed and prepared our vegetables. We chopped the carrot into small chunks, peeled and chopped the onion and pressed two garlic cloves with the garlic press. The courgette was also prepared by slicing it into thick slices.

We then drained off any excess fat from the mince, once browned we then seasoned with salt and pepper. The onion and carrot chunks were then added and cooked until softened. Once the veg was soft we were then able to stir in the tomato puree, harissa paste, ground cumin and half the garlic.

Water and chicken stock paste was then added along with the chickpeas. We then left the stew simmering, stirring occasionally.

Lamb Stew is So Quick And Easy To Make

While the stew was simmering we heated another pan on high heat (no oil). When hot we added the courgette slices, cooking them until charred on both sides. Whilst the courgette was charring we prepared the garlic bread. We done this by halving a ciabatta and using the remaining garlic to spread over each half, also drizzling olive oil (as much as desired) over each half. once prepared we then put these into the pre-heated oven until golden brown.

We then shared the stew between two bowls, and topped with the charred courgettes. We then added the garlic bread as a side. If you enjoyed this recipe feel free to check out our food and drink section!

A short clip of us making this meal on our TikTok page.

We then enjoyed with a glass of white wine!

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