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If you share a bathroom with your family, you need to ensure that it is as family-friendly as possible, which means that you may need to make a few changes to make it safer and easier for you to maintain.

The good news is, I have put together a few ideas that will help you to create a bathroom that is family-friendly without compromising on style or function as you will see below…

Consider a wet room

If you have a large, busy family, then you might want to think about using wetrooms design to make your bathroom more efficient. Turning your bathroom into a wet room will mean that it is basically one big shower space, which means the whole family could get in there and get clean together. When you have young kids who don’t mind sharing with mum and dad, this can save a huge amount of time in the mornings and evenings. It also makes life easier for any family members who may have a disability too. 

Add colour

You might love your all-white bathroom, but not only will it not be much fun for the kids, but it will be very unforgiving when it comes to dirt and grime, Kids can make so much mess in the bathroom and you may not have time to do a deep clean every day, so adding some grey or blue or any pattern that will be a bit more forgiving can make bath times more fun for the kids, all while also hiding as a multitude of sins until you have time to do the cleaning.

Hang some hooks

Hooks are ideal in the bathroom. They provide everyone with a place to hang their towels and toiletries, and unlike many racks and shelves, you can affix them low on the wall so that small children will be able to reach them ansd learn more about being responsible for their own things. This will also make life easier for you as parents because the bathroom will not be so much of a bombsite.

Bring on the baskets

Wicker baskets will also make your life easier in the bathroom Not only are they very attractive, but you can use them as clothing hampers for dirty laundry, but also for storing rubber duckies and other fun toys, as well as toiletries and anything else you need in the bathroom. You can stack them in the corner or place them on shelves and they will just keep everythitn neat and tidy for you all.

Install handrails

If you don’t already have handrails above the bath and in the shower, then it is a good idea to install some at a level where the kid will be able to use them as well as the adults. This will help to prevent slips, trips and falls in the bathroom spade.

Making your bathroom more family-friendly will make life easier for you all, so think about what would help you the most and start making changes as soon as you can.

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