***We were gifted tickets for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own***

Sometimes in life you need to look at life from a different perspective! having a Grandson certainly helps with that, as he is often turning our world upside down – in beautiful and funny ways of course!

Dylan is an extremely energetic and fun toddler, who is at the age now of where he wants to explore everything – when we say everything we mean “everything”. When he comes to stay with us every other weekend, we have to what we call “stick everything on the ceiling” until he leaves.

Where would you take a fun and crazy toddler who is into everything, for a crazy and fun-filled day out that all the family can enjoy?

We enjoyed an afternoon at Lakeside in Essex, whilst there we visited the Upside Down House. This is a perfectly normal house – only thing is, it’s upside down and you are stepping into an incredible illusion!

Dylan found this incredibly fun and extremely funny. He loved the fact that he was walking on the ceiling. This little house is extremely fun and makes a very unique experience for everyone. We all got very creative and enjoyed imaginative play with Dylan during our visit.

Upside Down House - Lakeside

We all had great fun climbing on worktops, walking on the ceiling, doing handstands on the toilet…..YES, the toilet! now you can’t get crazier than that can you?

Upside Down House - Lakeside

I have a feeling that potty training is now going to be rather fun after this visit!

Always be different, be fun and most importantly always be the best version of yourself and capture the good times whilst doing so!

The Upside Down House can be found in Lakeside shopping centre, Essex.

Please do check out Dylan’s tab on our website for other fun he has been having whilst living his best life!

All Things Dylan

All Things Dylan

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