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When you think about travel, it’s normal to imagine warm beaches, picturesque towns, and pure relaxation. That’s great, and 54% of people plan to travel this year. But more recently, purposeful travel has become a popular and exciting thing to do. While all travel has a purpose, this type of travel goes beyond relaxing but going out of your way to help others or develop your skills. Most purposeful travels require a lot of hard work, but other options allow you to balance exploring a new location and working. It’s a great activity you can do with your family to switch up your holidays. Here are some of the popular options to consider.

Artistic retreats

There’s nothing more amazing than visiting a new location and having the opportunity to learn or build up your creative skills. Most artistic retreats typically entail going on a painting or drawing holiday, usually in instructor-led groups, to spend your days capturing your destination’s beautiful sights and sounds. But an artistic retreat could be any other hobby, such as playing instruments, brushing up on your writing skills, woodworking, and even sculpting. Most of these programs would also allow you to explore your destination, providing an excellent outlet to escape from your daily routine and showcase your talent. You would return well-rested, more inspired, and better at your craft. It’s a trip to consider if you’re creative and artistic.


Volunteering has long been a popular choice for people looking to make their travels more purposeful. As a volunteer, you mostly do unpaid work for organisations, including charities and churches. For church-based volunteering, it would help to take a Christian discipleship course to help you evangelise and welcome new people to your faith. Of course, there are other things you can do as a volunteer, from working in animal sanctuaries to teaching in rural areas. This takes a lot of time and commitment. Before you decide to become a volunteer, it would be best to consider your best strengths and interests to help you remain passionate about your work. 

Language study

People travel worldwide to immerse themselves in the local culture and learn a new language. Sure, these days it’s really easy to study a new language without needing to visit there. But it’s not the same, especially since you wouldn’t be surrounded by people who speak the language daily. Plus, you can communicate with locals and brush up on your skills when you travel. 

Most destinations have different programmes to help you learn a new language. And depending on the duration of your trip, you can find one that best suits you. Learning a language spoken in different countries is advantageous, as you’re always prepared whenever you travel. 

So, there you have it! These are some of the best purposeful travel activities that will leave you feeling accomplished and inspired. You can turn it into a fun family or friend activity and build amazing memories to make it even more exciting. 

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