Are you due a stress-free friends getaway? I am sure you are. Time to leave the stresses of life at home for a few days and get away for a while. You deserve it.

When away on your holiday the last thing you want to be doing is stressing over things, so it is always good to plan ahead to minimize the stress a little.

Time to sit back and think bottomless brunches, pool/spa days, sunset picnics and breathtaking views!

Tips to keep your trip stress-free

  • Who to go with – It can often be a hard decision on who to go away with, but if your wanting a certain type of holiday your best of choosing like-minded people to go with. You will enjoy your holiday much more if you can just be yourself without feeling like you have to entertain others.
  • Stress-free planning – Research the area you are visiting in advance and all select places of interest and then all sit together and make a dedicated holiday plan. This way it is planned in advance and time is shared equally with everyone’s interests. You could even plan beach/pool time, bar time etc. Or even time to just sit and chill. Everyone then knows what the plans are for your time away. Budgets can also be discussed and met too.
  • Don’t over complicate things – I would most definitely keep things simple and have a balance of fun, as well as downtime too! Those feeling tired can rest and top up their energy for the rest of the time away.
  • Get shopping delivered – The last thing you want to be having to go off and do is food shopping – how boring is that when on holiday! meal plan and then get everything delivered to your holiday accommodation. You can even get your booze delivered too. This will give you some more time to enjoy your much-needed break!
  • Try something new – Be daring, enjoy an experience you have been longing to do. Whether it be a dining experience, an animal experience, a master class, or even an experience involving heights or water. What ever it is go wild and book it up, give yourself a fantastic holiday memory.
  • Travel plans – Try and keep costs down if you can, this will then allow for extra spending money. Car share if you can, this will keep fuel cost down and you can even share the driving if you can. Taxi share and split the cost, if getting a train pre-book your tickets as this often saves money too!
  • Hangover cure – Don’t forget the paracetamol and to drink plenty of water. Whatever your favorite hangover cure is make sure you are prepared in advance.

Now all that is left to do is go book your much-needed holiday and enjoy!

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