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Over the last fifty years, millions of families have relocated to Australia, many from the “old world” looking for a new life. But getting the process right can be challenging. It’s not easy to change countries, and you certainly can’t do it overnight. 

If you are considering moving your family to Australia, here’s everything you need to know. 

Get Your Kids Involved In The Process

Most children don’t like the idea of changing countries. They want to stay in the same place and be with their friends. They can’t usually understand adult motivations for moving overseas. Why not just stay right here?

That’s why you’ll want to get your kids involved in the process as soon as you can. Take them to Australia first and show them the country so that they are familiar with it. Make sure that they have a great time. And find ways to get them to make new friends. Taking them for the summer and enrolling in summer school is a good option. 

Don’t Leave Your Finances Hanging

To successfully make the move to Australia, you’ll want to get your finances in order. Make sure that you cross everything off the list that you need to do, and that you satisfy the Australian authorities. They can be a little strict. 

Ideally, you should have a large sum of savings in your savings account, plus a home mostly paid for in the country. You’ll need to check your specific visa requirements to see exactly what you need to do. 

Get Your Transport Sorted

Relying on public transport probably isn’t a great idea if you’re planning on taking your entire family to Australia. It’s just not convenient enough for most families’ needs. 

That’s why it’s a good idea to get your transport sorted out in advance. You can use Burswood Car Rentals if you need a long-term rental or one of its competitors. Or you can buy a car outright. Most cars in Australia are imported from Japan, but there are European models available if you know where to look.

Decide What To Bring With You

You can’t bring everything with you to Australia, so you’ll need to decide what you want to take. 

Start by dividing all your possessions into two categories: stuff you’ll take, and things you’ll sell, give away or throw out. Taking large pieces of furniture to Australia probably isn’t practical because of the shipping costs so stick with small, high-value items. If you have kitchen equipment, toys, and clothes, you can usually save yourself a fortune when you reach the other end. 

Research Your Destination

Find out as much as you can about your destination. Australia is a diverse place with numerous climates, city environments, and cultures. As with any other country, it’s not all the same. 

You can research the destination on local government websites, forums, and books. You can also read news articles to see what locals are finding interesting and what they care about. Keeping up to date with current affairs teaches you which topics to avoid.

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