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Looking to try new foods but worried that the kids aren’t going to like them? Well, that’s not a thought that is uncommon when it comes to households with little ones in them. It is true that children can be a little fussier when it comes to their food, preferring mostly beige colours when it comes to their evening meals.

However, that can change with the right guidance and tips for introducing new foods to the household. If the parents are bored of chicken nuggets and chips, then here are some tips for getting kids interested in new foods.

Get them in the kitchen

First and foremost, the best way of getting them interested in food is by getting them in the kitchen. While some parents may sign with the thought of having children doing any sort of cooking, it can be a great way to pique their interest in the process.

They may be more interested in eating the food when it’s they who’ve created it from fresh ingredients to the final product that’s on their plate. Even if they don’t end up liking it, they’re learning a valuable skill they’ll need when they grow up.

Be a good role model

When encouraging kids to eat more food variations, it’s important to practice what’s being preached. In this regard, it’s good to eat the foods and show interest in new foods when out and about with the kids. Even if it’s trying that food once, it’s important to show that an attempt is being made to at least try something that’s not been experienced before.

Create different dishes with the food

To help with expanding a child’s palette, it’s good to try and create different dishes with the food. For example, fishforthought.co.uk smoked Kippers might go nicely on toast or it might be a great food to incorporate with pasta or with homemade fries.

Get creative with the dishes to help showcase the food in different ways.

Don’t be forceful

It’s important that with children, you’re giving them the choice to try new food. There’s nothing worse or a put-off for the future when a child is force-fed foods they don’t want. It might be that there are just some food types that the child won’t like until they reach an older age – or perhaps never!

Introduce it in small amounts

To help with trying new foods, introduce them in small amounts. Sometimes, it can be a little overwhelming to try something for the first time and for it to be such a big portion size.

This is particularly the case for children who are small and perhaps don’t have the appetite to take on such a big piece of food. Instead, give it to them in small bites where necessary to help them digest it easier and with less fuss.

Getting kids interested in new foods is definitely harder than thought, so be patient and don’t give up on giving them more variety when it comes to their meals.

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