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Interior design involves many different concepts and factors. So much so that it’s often easy to forget about certain elements in your home. If you’ve ever spent some time redecorating your rooms but always feel that something is off, then it’s possible that you’ve simply just forgotten about a couple of elements.

So in this post, we’re going to take a look at some easy-to-forget design concepts and elements that can make a huge difference.

Are your rooms too cluttered?

Rooms can also be too cluttered for your decorations to stand out. While a room full of unique decorations and interesting furniture can be nice to look at, you should consider the benefits of having more space so that you can appreciate individual elements.

Rooms can be “noisy” in the sense that there is too much visual clutter. There might be too many small decorations to look at on your shelves, or your furniture might have too many different colours. Patterns can also distract you. Having too many unique shapes and patterns can make things look a bit too busy in your rooms, so it’s often best to reduce physical and visual clutter.

Have you dressed up your windows yet?

Windows are a design element that can often be forgotten. Lots of people think about their furniture, walls, floors, and even small details like decorations on shelves. However, they rarely look at their windows as a place where design considerations need to be made. Too many people just buy simple drapes or curtains and then call it a day. However, the reality is that your windows take up a lot of space in your vision and are a major design element that must be decorated well.

There are a few approaches to this. For starters, you should consider how your windows control light. For instance, you can consider using tier on tier shutters if you want a simple yet effective way to control how much light enters your rooms. Another way to decorate your windows is to use different kinds of blinds and curtains. There are many different styles to pick from and you’d be surprised at how big of an effect it makes.

Neglecting function and only focusing on form

It’s important that you don’t forget the function of your rooms. Far too many people forget about the purpose of their rooms and the furniture within them. For instance, they look at boring windows and think about how to make them look nicer, but then they forget that curtains and drapes also perform a function: to block light and cold air.

Similarly, people might forget about the practicality of furniture placement. As such, don’t just think about the design side of things, think about how your furniture and design elements can actually make your rooms easier or more enjoyable to use as well. If you keep this in mind, then your rooms will look and feel a lot more complete than if you were to only focus on their looks.

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