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The House That Never Rests

About us

Hi there, thank you for stopping by. It has been a while since our about us page has been updated. I think it was about a year ago since it was done last….Wow lots has changed since then.

Health problems have gotten worse, meaning a step down in position at work. We have two pets join our family. Eddy our parrot and Coco a beautiful Siberian Husky.
We still miss Buddy who sadly passed away on the 8th March 2017. Sadly gone but never ever forgotten.
Since our recent house move we have been busy with lots of home improvements. We moved 2.5 miles away from where we was recently living. We are still living in North London, our reasons for moving are on the blog.  Read more about us below.

Meet our family

This is Ian (Dad)

Ian is a fully qualified electrician, he works 12 hour shifts about ten minutes away from home. He works nights and days. Ian is the tech geek in our house, always found with a gadget to hand. Ian also has a love of fishing, this is the reason behind our fishing holidays. His biggest fish caught to-date is a 16lb Carp – a record he is wanting to beat. Ian is Husband, Dad come Handyman/DIY expert, he can turn his hand to anything (our hero). He has saved us loads of money with his expertise/skills – tiling, woodwork, painting & decorating, plumbing, anything except gas work. With our recent move his skills have come in very handy and have saved the savings. In Ian’s spare time he likes to watch thriller films on TV, have his much deserved quiet time, go fishing, he enjoys guided walks round London (a pub crawl really) with mates, this involves stops at pubs along the way and then a curry.

Meet Anita (Mum)

A fully qualified, part-time support worker, working out in the community helping to make a difference to people’s day-to-day living. A job that is loved and enjoyed everyday. Currently adjusting to a deterioration in health, meaning a step down in position at work and now becoming a part-time worker. I am a sufferer of Endometriosis and Fibromyalgia. I have been a  Endometriosis sufferer for 10 years now, resulting in a Hysterectomy at 27 years old. I am also a wine lover, loves a girls night out but will often be found in pj’s on a Friday night watching a chick flick whilst eating chocolates. Always found shopping for new shoes and handbags, also an online shopaholic hunting for a bargain. Currently trying to get back on the right path with weight loss. Before we moved a 3 stone award was given but then stress and depression hit due to ill-health and it all went back on. Target wanted is five stone.

Meet 21-year-old Danny

about us

Danny is now 21 years old, he works full-time for in the building industry He is a typical man who works hard Monday – Friday and enjoys his weekends by getting up at lunch time (at the earliest). He is always shopping for the latest trend and then enjoys the odd night out with mates. He loves the latest gadget and the latest trend as well as lifting a few weights with his mates. He gets about town via his motorbike that he treated himself to for Christmas.

Meet 18-year-old Lee

about us

Lee is busy turning a much-loved childhood hobby into a career. Lee has a love of football, if he isn’t watching it he is playing it, if he isn’t playing it he is reading about it. Lee is currently at college studying sport, he is a huge Spurs fan. We have toured many of stadiums with Lee, Barcelona being our most recent. Lee is always found wearing sports clothing (even to sleep in), everything about Lee is sports related. Lee has a part-time job but is mainly concentrating on his studies. Lee also loves to challenge his friends to a game online on the PS4. Lee has been seizure-free long enough now to be able to apply for his provisional driving licence and start his driving lessons so he will soon be off having lessons all going well with his application.

Meet 16-year-old Bradley

Bradley is currently preparing for his GCSE exams. He recently attended an engineering apprenticeship meeting at a local college and was offered a place on the course depending on his exams results. Bradley has always been one for taking things apart and fixing them, he loves to try and solve DIY problems, being Ian’s handyman. Bradley also has an interest in music, he loves to play the drums and recently performed at a school concert playing. Bradley has also performed on stage at the West End playing one of the lead roles when he use to go to Pauline Quirks performing arts academy. Sadly he had to give this up to concentrate on his GCSE exams. Bradley is also preparing to go away for 3 weeks in July. He will be going away to try new things and to challenge himself – More on this to come in a post from Bradley in Teen Corner on the blog soon.

Meet Coco our Siberian Husky girl

Coco is a Siberian Husky girl born 15th November 2017. She has brought so much joy and happiness to our lives. Sadly when we first got Coco we noticed within a week that she had a skin problem – meaning since then a weekly visit to the vets has been called for to monitor it. She has been on tablets since she joined our family and had to wear a horrid cone-collar for a few weeks. But on a good note she is now on the mend and on the right course of treatment also meaning the horrid cone-collar has gone. She is very friendly and very much a people dog and loves a fuss. Wherever Coco is allowed to go she comes with us on our adventures.

Meet Eddy our Alexandrine Parakeet

Eddy is our one year old Parrot. He joined our family when he was six months old. Eddy has also brought lots of joy to our house. He isn’t quite talking just yet but he is trying bless him and comes out with all sorts of sounds where he tries talking, making us laugh daily without fail.

As a family we love to explore and make everyday an adventure. Having teen boys their attention can be hard to grab so we have to plan ahead and make sure there is something of their interest at the other end. Our boys are thrill-seekers and love to keep us on our toes.

Have you seen our travel blog? it is www.suitcaseandadventures.com

We are waving a big hello to you all, please do stop by and say hello, we would love to connect with you all.


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