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I have been recently looking into our home safety and one thing I noticed was that Ian took our smoke alarms down to decorate and they never got put back up and have now been misplaced. A working smoke alarm is essential as they provide early warnings and give you extra time to escape, fire safety was on the top of my priority list to get these put back in place ASAP for our own safety.

I saw that the fire brigade offer smoke alarms to be installed, so I booked for them to come round and fit them for us (well who would be better at fitting them) us girls the kids loved this, who wouldn’t, they came round in a fire engine, they explained to us the importance of having these fitted, they told us where they should be fitted and why, and then they fitted them.

We was all excited by this, we loved having the firemen come in, we loved the way they let Brad sit in the fire engine. Bradley had all the neighbors looking out as he put the siren on, he really enjoyed being shown the hose and squirting the water.


They asked us what would we do if there was a fire, asked us where would we wait, they told Bradley never to hide, they told us to crawl out the house at low-level, they said if the way out of the house is blocked to go into a room with a window, put blankets down at the bottom of the door to stop smoke getting in, if there is a phone dial 999 and if there is no phone shout out the window………………  HELP FIRE 

What great advice we got given, I will be practicing fire emergencies with the boys, just so it helps them to understand what they should do and where to go for safety following what we have all learnt today.

When they was younger we would always say to them :

Matches matches never touch, they will burn you very much. 

I don’t know who enjoyed the visit more, me or Bradley. Have you had a home safety visit, if not did you know you can book them through your local fire station.

It doesn’t cost a penny and could save your family’s life !

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