Date Night After 15 Year’s Married

date night

After being married nearly fifteen years all the effort with each other such as making time for each other, going out for romantic meals etc, it all seems to be a day of the past. Date night was something we said promissed each other was something we said we would make time for this year.

We said it doesn’t have to be anything fancy or expensive, just a nice quiet undisturbed night in with a nice take away and cheap bottle of wine would be perfect. With being working parents of teenagers who attend lots of after school sports activities we are always busy rushing here or there and evenings are always a mad rush, evenings are something we hardly see much of together with time to just relax together.

We Hardly Spend Time Together

Last week Ian had commented to me that he hardly see’s me these days since my return back to work, I have only gone back on a part-time basis at the moment to ease myself back in slowly following my car accident but I have also joined our local gym and have been attending quite a few classes in the evenings meaning I have not been returning home untill around 9.30 – 10pm by that point the evening is gone.


Ian does shift work meaning some weeks he works nights, when he is on night shift we are lucky to see each other at all as I am out during the day and when I get home he has already gone to work. This week he is working away for the week meaning we will not see each other for five day’s and we will all miss him like mad.

We think making time for each other is just as important as making time for our children, we tend to just have the odd hour here and there lately as one of us is on our way in and the other on our way out, it’s just madness and it need’s to change.

Making A Date Night A Priority

So after a nice chat we have decided to add a date night to our busy schedule and make it priority over any gym classes, phone calls, even the internet…..In our house this is a highly used annoyance that gets in the way of family time that we do have.

So last night was date night take one, we found a cheesy film to watch, we had strawberries, chocolates, wine, candles and most of all time for each other and it was lovely.

Date night is something we said we will be making time for in the future, once a fortnight or once a month we don’t know yet but it will be happening as any married couple needs quality time together.

Do you feel a date night is important when married ?


  1. I think it’s a great idea, sadly we don’t spend enough time with each other due to work commitments but I love this, your table looks fab x

  2. Yes!! It is VERY important! My husband and I make it a point to go out once a month. (We would love to do it more often than that….but for now this works!) We are finding that there are some perks to your kids getting older, and one of them is the ability to leave them all at home (and not have to pay for a babysitter! Yay!) and get some dinner ALONE. I think it is VITAL to a marriage to have some time together without the kids, to talk and reconnect and stay in-tune to each others needs.

  3. I definietly think couples need to make time for date nights, it keeps that spark alive and it’s nice treat too. Hope you keep it going 🙂 x

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