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It has been a while since our house has seen a lick of paint and had a home makeover, well the lounge and hall anyway. We spent a while deciding on the colours we wanted to go due to us decorating the main areas of our home we wanted to get it right. I have been wanting to go a little warmer in colour and Ian has been wanting to stay a lighter colour. We have always gone for the cream/magnolia range in colour so I thought why not go for the change wanted and go warmer in colour.

I stopped off during my lunch break one day and got some samples/testers as we like to put these on the wall and see what colour grows on us. We planned to decorate over the half term week as I had booked time off work, I got told I had holiday left to use up at work so I thought oh well I may as well use it and make use of the time off. With it being half term we had a day where we prepared the areas being painted and then we had a good few days of day trips and fun so the half term week was not all about decorating and the kids be bored as that just would not be fair on them.

Once we had agreed on the colours we wanted we went on a shopping trip armed with a long list of items needed for our home makeover.

home makeover
A small but expensive shopping trip to collect all what we needed for the home makeover.

Our lounge is not a very big lounge, infact it’s tiny, but we did put an archway in by knocking a wall down between the lounge and dining area so this made it more open for us and lets more light in the room.

I have been doing some online shopping and ive been looking at patterns and colours I would like to add at a later date, I have found some nice curtains I like, new cushion covers, a nice rug for the lounge and even a nice lamp for some mood lighting. On the wall we are looking to update the family photo’s as this has not been done for a while so it will be nice to put some up to date ones up.

We found having a home makeover has given us loads of new daring ideas for adding colours and patterns to our home. There will be lots of changes happening to our home over the next few weeks, I already have plans for a furniture change around.

home makeover
We have changed from the top colour to the bottom colour.


home makeover
Finished colour.

The decorating took us four days to complete from start to finish, we are so pleased it is now done. We didn’t want to start the glossing until the kid’s was back at school, we did get quick drying gloss to save us from any disasters as it is so easy to forget the doors are wet…….As Ian soon found out, and there was me worrying about the kid’s touching the wet paint!

What sort of colours do you tend to choose for your home?

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