Creating space

We are currently in a situation of needing to create space, as you may or may not know Danny has now moved out of our family home and is now currently living 3.5 miles away from us. It was Danny’s decision to move out and get his own flat as he has always been headstrong and very independent right from a young age, he knows what he wants in life and goes and gets it, we are very proud of him.

Before Danny move out he told Lee that he could have his old bedroom, as you can imagine Lee was excited to be getting his own room, space that he can now call his own.

When Lee returns back to school in September he will be going into year 11, this will be a very important year for Lee, he will have lots of revising to do and exams to face. In order to help Lee through this important time we are looking to create the perfect quiet space for him to be able to revise. Lee’s bedroom is only a box room and we have not touched anything in there since Danny moved out so Lee is keen to put his personal stamp on the room.

The bed is something that will definitely need changing as it has seen better days. After a visit to Room To Grow Children’s Beds Specialists website I was thinking of a bed like this:

creating space
Photo credit: Room To Grow

Now I think this would work perfectly in Lee’s room, with it being a box room we would be saving but yet creating space. No way would we be able to fit a desk in his room at the moment but with this bed he could have one and it would be giving him the quiet space needed for his revision, it also gives him somewhere safe to store his work after too. His revision could then be done in his room away from all the noise going on downstairs.

Lee is rather excited to be putting his own stamp on his own personal space, he was sharing with Brad before and they both had different interests so decorating their bedroom when sharing proved difficult resulting in wall art on their side of the room.

Creating space is something we also need to do in Brad’s bedroom too, we are always having friends/guests stay over and we thought it would be nice to be able to offer our guest a comfortable bed to sleep in. We are currently thinking of getting bunk beds to put in Brad’s bedroom so then that way the bed is not taking up any space in Brad’s bedroom but yet still there for when they come to stay.

Have you had to create space in your bedrooms at any point?

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  1. I am loving the idea of that bed, it definitely makes use of the small space and makes the room feel bigger. Good luck to Danny for moving out and standing on his own two feet and Lee ‘happy freedom of movement’ lol

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