My Gift This Christmas

In our house at Christmas it’s not the kid’s getting over excited about Christmas it’s myself. Don’t get me wrong the boy’s do get excited but nowhere near as much as I do, I admit I am a big kid at Christmas.

I just can’t help but get excited about Christmas, it is just a time of year I LOVE – Not for the gifts but for the feel of Christmas, the quality time spent together, family making time for each other, the fun and laughter just warms my heart.

Christmas morning I am so excited to get the day started  I just can’t sleep, I am always awake from 4.30am onwards, crazy I know but this has just continued from when the boys was younger. Now the boys are teens we can safely say that early mornings on non – School days are not popular in our house with them and they sadly don’t join me on my early Christmas morning rise.

I am now up and downstairs on my own at silly – o clock on Christmas morning, excited and can’t wait for everyone else to wake up. While I’m waiting I prep the dinner, lay the table for breakfast, I then sit and wait listening to Christmas music, I excitedly wait until about 8am and then I start singing, dancing and shouting “it’s Christmas” hey let’s face it it’s Christmas and I have the presents so they won’t get the hump with me…..crafty a.

This year will be Christmas with a difference for my family. I am a support worker that works out in our local community with the elderly and their families, I provide help/support and company to those who need/want it. It is a job I have had for years now and I really enjoy and love what I do. So my kids and Ian get the Christmas Day lie-in that they will most likely very much enjoy I have volunteered my services to work on Christmas morning. I will be off out spreading/sharing my Christmas cheer and visiting the elderly who are at the disadvantage of NOT having family close by to share Christmas with.

I will be out singing, dancing and making sure I put a smile on faces this Christmas morning. This Christmas I am giving the gift of my time to the elderly in my local area. I have been a support worker for many years now and have witnessed first hand what a difference just popping in to see them, having a cup of tea and chat with them and just generally asking how their day has been can make. No one should be alone at Christmas.


  1. What an amazing thing to do. I was wondering if there was any scheme that lets you know who is lonely this Christmas. I would love to pay a visit.

  2. Thank you for sharing this post. I definitely am not a 4:30-riser, but I do love the Christmas season. I think it’s so wonderful that you are volunteering your time. I hope it is amazing for both you and them!

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