Multiple Use Of Living Space

Organising your space in an efficient way that still makes your home feel like a home can be a really tough challenge. For some we don’t have the luxury of lots of space to have a games room or an office so making multiple use of living space is all that is on offer to us.

We have recently been looking at what space we do have and making it work to our needs the best way we can. We have found that we may only have small rooms to work with but by some planning and measuring we are currently making it work to full potential.

We have been purchasing items that can be easily folded away when not in use and even looking at furniture that has multiple uses to make life easier and be a great space-saver. We may have a small house but that doesn’t mean we can’t have the space we need for the areas that we are wanting does it?

Nothing makes a home feel smaller – and claustrophobic than lots of clutter, so we have been busy building/creating built-in storage space for belongings to reduce this. We have also been creating more space by de-cluttering and having a good sort out of things no longer in use and either passing to family members or handing in to our local charity shop. By doing this we have maximised our available space, giving us much more room to work with.

Now we have de-cluttered our home we have freed up some space to create a home office in our main bedroom, this however overlooks our garden, which at the moment does not look all that pretty but with spring soon upon us we will have to get planning for some garden ideas to help make our view from the office much more nicer. At the moment it is horribly over-grown and has been very much neglected due to not having the time needed to spend out there at the moment.

We have lived in our house for 13 years now and now the kid’s are older and we are in a much better position we are really enjoying putting our stamp within our home, together as a family, making it unique and multifunctional to meet all our needs.

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  1. I like my living space and we use some areas for lots of different things. I’m trying to declutter the home and make it easier to do things but we seem to always have a clutter everywhere i look. It’s something that never ends with a clutter bug husband.
    Angela x

  2. I live in an apartment with limited space and I have been making the most of it for the last few months. I have a sofa bed which has become so handy when I have overnight guests

  3. At our first house we had a table that folded down which was so handy for our limited space. Now I’m trying my best to get rid of anything I think is cluttering up the house!

  4. I live in a 2 bed flat, which is currently overrun with toddler toys, I have been looking into more storage, and trying to declutter. Brilliant blog post.

  5. There are a few rooms in our house which double up as multiple use. We’ve got a slate topped table which is a godsend as it’s often used for crafts, skateboard repairs & eating meals

  6. Our bedroom is also a music studio and a sewing / sketching room. It has to be otherwise we just wouldn’t be able to do it! Decluttering is a *must*, I agree. Sometimes I wander round the house with a bin bag chucking stuff that doesn’t need to be there and the bag is suddenly full. Very therapeutic!
    My loft is also a haven for starlings but that’s another story…

  7. I like the way you’re making use of the space you have buy creating some built-ins. My hubby and I are still trying to find a place of our own but I hope that we can employ the same principles you have when decorating out soon to be new home together when we find it. 🙂 Hope the gardening works out well for you as well! x

  8. I have so so much clutter, I try to get ris all the time but i think ultimately our biggest problem is that we just don’t have the space or storage, I really need some good storage solutions xx

  9. I would love to have a corner of the house that was just mine but we struggle with overcrowding – maybe when the kids are older

  10. I love a good declutter, it is s surprising what ‘stuff’ you an find in piles that you have forgotten about x

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