3 top tips to help you reduce stress In the kitchen

Normally, we like to stay as relaxed as possible in our home. However, there are obviously going to be moments where stress levels can get high. More often than not, this happens in the kitchen. You’re trying to make food for your family, but little things can disrupt you and prevent this from happening. So, you get stressed, which is never a nice thing.

Luckily, I’ve come up with a few tips and tricks that can help you transform your kitchen into a safe haven that doesn’t stress you out. Check them out down below:

3 top tips to help you reduce stress In the kitchen

Use An Electric Oven

Gas ovens are a huge cause of stress for everyone. With a gas oven/cooker, you have to go through the ordeal of trying to switch the heat on all the time. In theory, it’s as simple as just switching the gas on and pressing a button to set it alight. However, with some gas appliances, it can take a good few tries before there’s a flame. As well as this, gas ovens take longer to heat up, which leave you waiting for longer while you’re cooking. Again, this can be a big source of stress. So, what you should do is switch to an electric oven and wave goodbye to these problems. Electric ones turn on easily and heat up a lot quicker. Not to mention they look better and are more modern too.

3 top tips to help you reduce stress In the kitchen

Create More Space On The Counter top

The number one reason we get stressed in the kitchen is due to a lack of space. If you have no room to work, it can lead to you piling things up and creating loads of mess. So, you want to try and clear your counter tops to leave as much space as possible. To do this, you should organise everything in your kitchen and put things in cabinets to ensure nothing is left lying about. But, you can also play around with the design of your kitchen too. Create more space on the counter top by changing to a compact kitchen sink. It may not seem like a big difference, but you will reduce the sink size, which makes room for more work space on the counter tops.

3 top tips to help you reduce stress In the kitchen

Colour Code Your Knives & Chopping Boards

Another source of kitchen stress revolves around your chopping boards and food hygiene. We all know you should cut meat on one board and use another one for vegetables, etc. Likewise, we should try and use a separate knife for meat, thanks to cross-contamination and food hygiene worries. So, if you’re in the kitchen making dinner, and you have the same type of chopping board for everything, it’s difficult to remember which one you used for meat and which one you used for bread, etc. To get around this problem and add some extra colour to your kitchen, you can colour code your knives and chopping boards. Have a red chopping board for meat, a green one for veg, and then stick colours on the corresponding knives. Now, you don’t have to worry about cross-contamination, and can cook in peace.

Use these tips to banish stress from the kitchen and they’ll also help improve the look and feel of the place too!

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