Light and shade – exposing the beauty of your Interiors

Light and shade – exposing the beauty of your Interiors

When you work hard to create a stylish interior, you want to show it off. You’ve selected elegant fabrics, vibrant colours, and a design layout that works perfectly. But there is just one more detail that requires your attention. The right lighting will bring your design to life, and create the right ambience to enjoy it. So what are the best choices for lighting your rooms at home?

Natural light will always create a beautiful effect across the room. To maximise this quality of light, choose window dressings that can be fully and partly opened. Venetian blinds are ideal for changing the quality of natural light as it deflects the sun’s rays. This can create shade and shadows across the walls, the furniture, and the floor. This will bring out all the different colour properties of the fabrics and wall paint in the room.

As the sun starts to go down, it’s time to put some lights on. When it’s hot out there, you might be tempted to leave many of the lights off, but led bulbs don’t heat up as some energy saver bulbs can. They also tend to have a more natural quality about the light. Of course, you can always buy warmer temperature bulbs for that cosy, homely feel. As LEDs draw less power than other types of bulb, you might be tempted to use more of them.

Use lamps and wall lights to highlight your wall art and furniture. Either position the furniture to catch the light, or position the lamps to illuminate those areas. You can also highlight any accent wall in the same way. And if colour is important to you, choose led bulbs that are colour changing to create just the right effect you’re looking for.

Did you know that you can buy fire effect panels, complete with LED colour border lights? These are ideal for homes that don’t have a real fireplace. And if you are feeling chilly, they can also provide the warmth you’re looking for. Warm lights on a cooler evening can be comforting. Fairy lights can be perfect along a mantle, tucked in a glass container, or framing pictures on the wall. You can even find battery-powered candles that appear to flicker. All of these lighting ideas can contribute to creating the right ambience for your room.

Hidden led lights can create a stylish glow around or behind your furniture. Some people add a false wall to create a large panel that can then be lit by a strip of lights from behind. Pick any colour you like. They can be used under each stair, along your kick-boards or skirting boards, and even around the back of the TV. Each can create a difficult effect. It might look futuristic, or simply help illuminate those darker areas of the home.

Working with lighting in your home can create wonderful effects that enhance your style and design. Don’t forget that shading can also help alter the quality and tone of your colours. Love your home with light day and night.

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