Homemade Cucumber Mask

Homemade Cucumber Mask

Every now and then I have my nieces come to stay for the odd few nights and we love nothing more than lots of girly fun. We enjoy many girly activities such as, painting our nails, baking, watching girly movies and dancing around to musicals. We play salons, do arts-and-crafts and enjoy many more activities together.

One of our recent girly activities was to make a homemade face mask. We often chat about pretty dresses, hair styles and jewellery. They also ask if they can put some of my perfume and make up on. I am all for girly days but I don’t want to be encouraging them to start putting make-up on.

With my sisters permission we decided to make a homemade cumber face mask

We had a girly spa evening and chatted about looking after our skin and the many ways we can protect our skin by staying hydrated, protecting ourselves from the sun, enjoying a nice soak in a bubble bath etc. We also chatted about the many different face mask we can make to try.

How we made our cucumber face mask:

Ingredients needed:

  • One cucumber
  • 3 table spoons of natural yogurt

Equipment used:

  • Table spoon
  • Plastic knife for Lexi
  • Bowl
  • Tray
  • Blender
  • Make-up sponge

How we made our mask:

  • Lexi made a start on chopping the cumber into small slices and placing them into a dish. It ended up being one slice for the dish and one for Lexi – putting some aside to place over our eyes once we had applied our facemask.
  • The cucumber was then mixed with a blender.
  • We then added 3 big tablespoons of natural yogurt, then mixed with a spoon.
  • Faces then washed to free our faces from any sweat or grime.
  • Using a small make-up sponge we then applied each others face masks.
  • The cucumber slices was then placed over our eyes and we sat back and relaxed, leaving it on for about 15 minutes.
  • Once finished we then rinsed it off with water.

I’d say her face say’s it all.

Whilst we was preparing our face masks, and also whilst having our treatment I was explaining the importance of looking after our skin and staying hydrated which also helps.

A cucumber mask helps to remove many impurities from the skin that clog the pores and can also lead to unwanted problems. A cucumber mask leaves your skin feeling cool, refreshed and hydrated with a nice healthy glow. It can also soften and sooth your skin and make a very welcoming mask for anyone after a hard day at school or work. Also very refreshing if you have been out in the sun to hydrate your skin as the sun dries our skin.

Making homemade face masks make a good activity for a sleepover or if you are hosting a party for a teenager or pre-teen. It made a fun way for Lexi to feel like what Lexi would say a “big girl” all whilst learning about the importance of skin hygiene/care. With the weather being so warm at the moment this mask was so welcoming and very much enjoyed.

It didn’t take long before she had the teens in the chair having a mask on.

Do you have a face mask that you would recommend ?

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