How Good Market Research Is Going To Assist Your Success

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Every entrepreneur, no matter what field they are interested in starting a business, must know what is happening around them in the field they want to work in. Check where they are in relation to their environment and competitors.

To get to this information, we need to ask ourselves a few questions:

  1. Who is our target audience? Where will we find them? What are their needs and why will they buy from us? If we know how to answer these questions, we will know very well who our customers are and we will also know how to reach them.
  2. Who are our competitors? Where do they operate in relation to us? What product or service do they provide? at what price? How does the product or service reach the customer and in how much time? How will competitors react to you entering the market?
  3. Which customers do we turn to?
  4. What is the market size potential for your products?
  5. What are the external factors that can affect your business activity?
  6. What is the price of your product or service?

Once this is all established you can find your sources. You should consider hiring professional help with any assessments and therefore should look at a preliminary roost assessment


Marketing, and especially network marketing, revolves around knowing the needs, browsing patterns and consumption habits of potential customers. The more we get to know our target audience in more depth, the more we will be able to direct and refine our marketing messages. Sharp and accurate messages will expand the customer base and increase business turnover. In order to target the advertising strategy to the target audience, it is worth knowing for example, Mr Smith’s (regular consumer) consumption habits, the places he surfs, his vocabulary, the phrases and search words in which he is interested. The research team of your promotion company will find out all these things and you should also identify what are your favorite blogs and sites, what characterizes them, what social networks your target audience is in and the like. We also explored the possibility of reaching the target audience through leading bloggers, celebrities, opinion leaders and influencers in your niche.

Keyword research is not an intuitive assessment, but an informed and accurate investigation, using measurable tools and results and statistics. These tools document the phrases and keywords that surfers searched for in your niche, what is the search volume and more. This is a study that uses real-time data in real time, and helps leverage the business in the right direction.


Keyword research allows you to actually examine the amount of searches for phrases related to a niche, product or service. Keyword research deals with the question of which phrases related to your product or service the surfers are looking for, and which wordings are more common in the search queries. Through keyword research it is possible to produce an orderly and organized division according to topics related to the semantic level. Intelligent research will help you choose the most accurate and appropriate wording for the product and for the target audience and identify words that are considered “money words” that are for example an exact expression of a specific model of product – which predicts purchase intent. Also, there are tools that can give us segmentations of the results based on seasonal fluctuations in different expressions.

One of the practices of website promoters is to insert as many relevant keywords in the content as possible both in terms of content and at the semantic level of the topic, in order to enhance the relevance of the article in the eyes of Google and thus its presence in Google search results and other search engines.


In addition to what we have spoken about above, keyword research can also give insights about competitors. This way you can design a strategy for differentiating and branding the product and link it to different key phrases. Alternatively, you can also use phrases similar or identical to those of the competitor and bite into the same slice of cake they are enjoying. It is always good to know as much as possible about the status of competitors, and keyword research can provide useful and interesting data – for planning and implementing the program. Your business is in your hands but without careful planning and analysis of data and more, you are risking a possible halt in your business production and success. Therefore research, use the skills needed and get professional assistance when you need it. 

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