Disclaimer – We were gifted the wallpaper and decorators set in exchanged for this post. All thoughts and opinions are 100% our own!

Have you heard of Photowall? we hadn’t until recently. Photowall are a top rated Swedish wall art company. They are a brand who are passionate about helping you transform your home to reflect your personality. They specialise in wall murals, photo wallpapers, posters, prints and much more. Photowall work with some inspiring designers that all have their own unique style and story.

If you are stuck for ideas, or need some help, then you can also find some inspiration and be guided by some amazing collections and even get some fantastic tips on the latest trends and interior designs.

Savanna Animals With Photowall

We have recently become first time homeowners and moved into our new home this year. With becoming Grandparents to Dylan, born September 2020, we wanted to turn one of our rooms into a room for him and also any future grandchildren. With browsing the many wonderful designs on Photowalls website, we opted for the Savanna Animals Mural. We chose this design as it was bright, colourful and very cheerful looking. We thought it was the perfect design that could grow with our grandchildren. We also thought it would help bring their imaginations to life, with the help of the bright cheerful colours, and cute animal prints, in a stunning jungle themed setting. This design helps to bring a modern yet fun feel to our grandchildren’s bedroom.

Ordering With Photowall

When ordering with Photowall it will ask you for the measurements of the surface to be wallpapered. Allowing extra for margin of error. Once you have your measurements it will ask you to add them with the extra for margin of error. Once the measurements are added it will show you what it will look like with the measurements provided and also give you your price.

Once happy with the design you can then go on to choose your wallpaper type and quality. You can either have standard, which is made of sturdy and durable nonwoven material. Or there is the premium selection which features an extra layer that gives a Matt finish. It is also extra-resistant to scrapes and does not reflect sunlight.

We opted for the premium selection as we thought this would be a better option for a baby/toddler room. If you are unsure on what option to choose then Photowall offer for you to purchase a sample to help you decide.

We also opted to get a wallpaper kit. The kit consisted of a glue brush, seam roller, a paper hanging brush, a knife, cutting guide, level and pencil. All of which came in extremely handy.

Once you have ordered the delivery is very quick. We received an email confirming our delivery day, which was only a 3 day wait.

Hanging The Mural

In the box with the mural were some very handy instructions/tips for hanging the mural. We have never hung a mural before so these tips were very welcomed. The tips given are a list of recommended tools, how best to prepare for the mural and then tips on how best to hang the mural.

The Mural itself came in a box as one big roll. It was very well securely packaged. In total we had 8 drops to hang in the room. I won’t lie, we were rather nervous about hanging the mural, but we followed the tips and instructions provided and we were fine.

As I said above, the mural arrives as one big roll of wall paper, as you can see in the picture above it is sectioned off to the height measurements you provided. It then shows you where to cut between each sheet/drop that needs hanging. You then paste and hang each one and see the mural come together.

Unlike other wallpapers we have hung before in the past, this paper has a lovely thickness to it and was very easy/nice to work with and line up the patterns. The patterns lined up perfectly. With each drop being numbered and instructions on each drop guiding us on what way to hang the paper, we really couldn’t go wrong and the stress was minimized massively. With this mural being taylor-made this helps to minimize wastage, which is an added bonus.

The Finished Savanna Animals Mural With Photowall

We are now excited to see Dylan’s face when he sees his Jungle themed bedroom. We are planning to add soft furnishings, teddy bears and toys to continue the theme on and bring the room to life as much as possible. We can’t wait to see our grandchildren’s imaginations fill the room.

Photowall are kindly giving our readers a 25% discount off of anything from their website. Just enter the code: thehousethatneverrests25 at the checkout.

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