Where Is Your Get Up And Go?

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From time to time, we can all feel a little bit flat – and that is fine. We need space to deflate sometimes and just take stock of everything going on in our lives. 

But if you find your motivation for things you love slipping away, it might be time to give yourself a little pep-up!

Take a break

If you find that the pep in your step has gone, that might be your body’s way of telling you that you need a break. 

So take a break for a few days and simply recoup those energy stores. 

After a few days, you should be well-rested and ready to take on the world again!

Hire motivation

If you are skipping your workouts, or you keep meaning to go to the gym, it’s time to hire someone who will make sure you reach your goals even on your worst day. 

The best personal trainers will get you up and out and ready to tackle a workout. 

Working out and any type of exercise increases the happy hormones in our body. Those happy hormones give us a big natural boost of get-up-and-go. 


Most humans have this great trick – if you set a goal, you become motivated to meet it and even excel beyond it. 

It is similar to setting deadlines and completing to-do lists. 

You get a tremendous sense of achievement when you check the goals off, which fills us with joy and purpose. 

If you aren’t setting regular goals for things, it might be time to try it out and see if it works for you. 

Watch stuff

There are so many content creators out there that you are bound to find one that you enjoy. Look for content creators that focus on motivation, productivity, and simple tricks to help people be their best selves. 

LifeHack has a great list of 20 videos that might give you some great ideas and get you up and going again. 

Future Fun

We talked about setting goals, but it is time to plan something fun. Try to find an event, place, or person that you want to see in the future. 

Consider everything you need to do between then and now, and another task closer to the fun thing. 

You can also plan a fun thing to do each day too so that once you have tackled your day with the ferocity of a hungry lion, you can do something fun. 

Find your peace

You might be feeling a little worn down or restless and unmotivated because you have a lot going on. Finding areas of your day to create a little bit of peace is essential. 

Peace comes from many places. You might incorporate a walk into your daily life, where you are surrounded by greenery and silence. Or perhaps listening to a podcast or sleep story can help you gain a little clarity. 

Most of the time, we push ourselves a little too hard for a little too long when what we need is to sleep a little longer and love ourselves a little more. 

Get more great tips from my Health, Fitness + Wellbeing posts! 

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