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We all need time to relax at home as it’s our opportunity to de-stress ourselves from the various pressures that we have in our lives.

There are all kinds of ways to relax and unwind, whether it’s settling in for an evening in front of the TV, taking a long hot bath, or sitting down with one of our favourite hobbies. You will have your own relaxation ideas too. 

But is there anything hindering your relaxation time? If there is, you should do what you can to overcome them as your health and wellbeing could be at risk if you aren’t able to chill out at home. 

Let’s take a look at some common hindrances.

Family members

You love your family, of course, but with their various demands on your time, it might be difficult to relax fully at home. What can you do about it? Well, you could schedule your relaxation time for those moments in the day when they aren’t a hindrance, such as when they are at school, at work, or in bed. 

If your children are old enough to look after themselves, you could also retreat to another room for some valuable me-time. 

And if you’re able to call on the help of friends and relatives, you could call on their services for play dates and childminding to give you more time to relax on your own. 


Are your neighbours always popping by for a cup of tea? Do you catch them peeking through your windows when you’re relaxing in your conservatory or living room? If so, do what you can to regain your privacy. 

Simply tell them you’re not available for socialising when you’re in desperate need of chill-out time. 

And to block out your nosey neighbours, purchase something from outdoor blinds specialists or your local curtain stores to ensure your privacy. This latter point will also prevent your chatty neighbours from seeing that you are in. 


You might find it hard to relax when your room is cluttered. This could be because of the knowledge that you will have to tidy up eventually. And it might also be because the sight of objects out of place drives you to distraction! 

The answer is obvious, of course. You need to conquer your clutter problem. There are ideas in the linked article so have a read and regain your relaxation space!


Sorry to say it but it might be that you are hindering your relaxation time. If you’re forever on your toes, you are never going to experience the benefits of rest

Perhaps you’re always tidying up and doing other household chores. Or you might be out of the house socialising every night of the week. It might also be that your schedule is packed with other things you like to do (or in some cases hate doing). 

Whatever the reason for your busyness, you need to stop! Enlist help with your household chores and remember that your home doesn’t have to be perfect! Cut back on your social life if you are never at home. And take a long hard look at your schedule before cutting out anything that isn’t necessary. By taking these steps, you will have time to relax at home. 

So, what is hindering your relaxation time? We have only touched on a few hindrances but if there is anything else getting in your way, continue to look for solutions. You will have more time to rest if you do and as a consequence, you will do much to care for both your physical and your mental health. 

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