***We were gifted tickets to visit the London Transport Museum Depot in exchange for this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own***

Last week we visited The London Transport Museum Depot in Acton with Dylan. Dylan absolutely LOVES buses and has recently been showing an interest in trains. He is currently 1.5 years old and really enjoys learning, especially through play.

Three times a year the depot opens their doors for the public to explore and discover the rare road and rail vehicles dating back well over 100 years. The museum is a treasure trove of well over 300,000 items that make up the most important record of urban transport in the world.

A Visit To The London Transport Museum Depot

When we visited The London Transport Museum Depot it was a festival-style event, giving Dylan the opportunity to join in and celebrate the most comprehensive collections whilst learning through play. On offer were talks, activities and even guided tours. There was a designated play area for the children with arts & crafts and even a soft play area.

Vehicles Dating Back Over 100 Years

We really enjoyed our visit and we all found it great fun. It was amazing to be able to see the history of vehicles used, dating back over 100 years. Not only were there vehicles, there were posters, signs, ticket machines and so much more. Whilst we were walking around Dylan was singing his wheels on the bus song and enjoyed looking at the wheels, lights and doors on the buses. He even enjoyed sitting on buses and trains that he was allowed to (not all buses and trains are allowed to be sat on).

The depot is also home to the London Transport Miniature Railway. This is a working miniature railway that is based on real London Underground locomotives, carriages, signals and signs. Dylan thoroughly enjoyed his ride on it.

Our Thoughts

We found our visit very informative, all staff and volunteers were very helpful and friendly. We learned loads of secrets about London Transport that will most certainly make travelling more fun and interesting. We was told about a person who lived on a Victorian train carriage! and did you know that the Queen drove an underground train? Who knew that there were so many secrets within London transport!

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