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If you are not blessed with a large kitchen, but you still want to ensure that the space works well for your family and that you can all enjoy it as much as possible. There are a number of things you can do to help you make the most of a small kitchen space, as you will see below.

Take some of the cabinets out

Most modern kitchens have more cabinets than strictly necessary. If this is the case in your kitchen, removing the excess will really help to free up some space for appliances, shelving or seating, depending on what you need. Ideally, having just two rows of cabinets/cupboards along one wall will help to streamline the space, but do what you can with the room you have available.

Buy integrated appliances

Integrated appliances, like these LIEBHERR freezers, take up far less space than freestanding alternatives and seamlessly integrate into your kitchen space, which means they free up lots of floor room that you can use for other stuff, whether it be fitting in a family table for dinner, or space the kids can use to play on while you cook. 

Install a folding table

If you do not have room for a big table, buy one that folds down or had leaves that can be opened out, so you can keep it compact when not in use, and only take up space with it at mealtimes or when you have guests over or whenever you need the additional places.

Store everything away

If you want to feel like you have more room in your kitchen, then instead of leaving things like the toaster, blender, and various utensils. Out on the countertops, if you can, then try to put them away until you need them instead. Any clutter in a small space can look worse than it really is, so it is definitely worth trying to minimise it where you can.

Store vertically

If you do need to have various utensils and crockery out on display, then going up the walls and installing shelves above the cabinet space is a great way to store them without them taking up your precious workspace or family areas, and a step ladder should help you to retrieve them.

Keep it light

Okay, so this particular trick will not actually make your small kitchen any bigger, but if you paint it white or another light colour, it will at least appear bigger and you will not feel so claustrophobic spending time in there. If you can also put in chrome appliances, they will reflect the light coming in from the windows, which will help to make the place seem light and airy too.

Oh, and on the subject of light, letting as much natural light in as possible will definitely help to make the space seem bigger than it is.

Your kitchen space might be small, but as you can see above, that does not mean that you can’t make the most of it. So, what are you waiting for?

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