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Family / Lifestyle blog. Sharing our life's fun and adventures with teenage boys, Living in London.

Going On A Field Trip

A field trip On the 8th of July I’m going on a field trip with my school, I am 15 years old and currently doing my GCSE’s. One GCSE I am working towards is geography, so in July I will be heading off to Kingswood. The purpose of the field trip is to help me […]

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New me is now in sight

New me is now in sight Yikes! guess what? I only went and weighed-in at my 3st loss. Yes there was tears, silly I know but this means so much to me. A new me is now in sight! This now means I need to lose another 2st and then I will be at my […]

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BritMums meme 2015

BritMums meme 2015 Not long to go now at all until myself and Ian attend BritMums live 2015. Yes that’s right we are going to BritMums, yikes. Our little blog is nearly 1yr old, it is a family blog and we really enjoy blogging about our fun and adventures. Here is our BritMums meme 2015. […]

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MayBeauty Being a busy mum who is always on the go, looking after my skin is not on my to-do list at all, if I’m totally honest it doesn’t even make it anywhere near the top. When an e-mail popped into my inbox from MayBeauty asking if I’d like to try out their facemask I […]

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10 Happy Things

10 Happy Things I was recently sat thinking of a few things that we have going on at the moment, they are all happy things so I thought I’d put them into a post and share them with you. Here are 10 happy things we have going on at the moment. 1) Ian is a […]

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May madness

May Madness May for us has been a little up in the air, it involves a hospital stay, exams, a casting, a viewing of a new home, a promotion and more. Here is our May madness! May for us got off to a really early start, the month started off with a 5am train into […]

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April madness

April madness Our April madness started off with some April fools fun, I must say the boy’s really enjoy April fools day and they really keep us on our toes. I treated myself to a new hair-do, I trialed out having curls put in and I went a lot shorter. Following on from last month’s […]

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Our games room

Our games room We have had a very busy weekend as we have been busy discussing/planning our games room, mum and dad have said we can turn our conservatory into a games room, how cool is that. Our games room will be somewhere we can hang out with our mates if we want to. Me […]

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A teen friendly home

A teen friendly home We have recently been looking into our home layout and questioning ourselves as to whether it is a fun place for teens to “hang out” as the boy’s call it. When our kids was little they always had friends in to play but now they are getting older all that seems […]

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Easter holidays

Easter holidays Oh no! The Easter holidays are over and that means “back to school we go” boo! We had an awesome time off school and had some great fun whilst we was off, even the sun was shining and we had a lovely sunny school holiday. We had a sleepover at our friends house. […]

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Kids in the driving seat

Kids in the driving seat Well it has been the Easter holidays after all so that meant one thing, time to have some family fun and put the kids in the driving seat for a change. I was searching the internet as you do looking up some family fun that would hold a teenage boys […]

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From White Belt To Black

From white belt to black Hello everyone, it’s me again (Bradley) sorry I been a little quiet recently but I have a good reason for that. I have been rather busy practicing/training for my black belt. I had my grading for my black belt on the 29th March and I needed to get as much […]

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A letter to my past self

A letter to my past self Dear my past self I am writing a letter to my past self to say we have said and done so many things that we are not proud of, we have been through so much, good times and bad. We’ve been through happy times and sad times but we […]

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Our highlights of March

Our highlights of March Wow where did March go! well it has gone now anyway and we have some brilliant highlights for you. Our highlights of March entail’s a fab weight-loss update, DIY disasters and much more! (Note to myself, label the plugs). Our month started with myself trying my best at DIY (putting a […]

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10 things I NEED to do

10 things I NEED to do   I don’t know about you but unless I write things down I forget to do them. I was recently reading through other blogs, this is something I enjoy doing when I have a bit of spare time and a nice cup of tea, when reading I came across […]

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