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Personalise Your House: 4 Best Home Décor Ideas

***Collaborative post*** Your home is a castle, a place where you get solace and escape from the worries and stresses of day-to-day life. A peaceful home gives you joy and peace of mind. You can make it your favourite spot by personalising it to accentuate your lifestyle.  It’s the tiny details and few tweaks that […]

Top Home Decor Trends for 2021

***Collaborative post*** Australia’s home décor industry is booming and is expected to hit 407.4 million by 2023. After all the gloom in 2020 and its flow over into 2021, one sure way to bring some excitement into your home while keeping safe is trying out some decor ideas and incorporating some beauty into your environment. Are you […]

Five Ways To Tastefully Incorporate Some Sparkle Into Your Home

***Collaborative post*** Who doesn’t love a little bit of sparkle? Glitter and shimmer can look great when incorporated into the design and decoration of your home, but using too much can easily tip you over the edge from tasteful to tacky. Here are five ways to tastefully incorporate some sparkle into your home.  Sparkly shower […]

Whisper Tungsten Rug | Review

With spring finally here our winter blankets and hot water bottles can soon start to be packed away. The sun is now starting to make a very welcomed appearance and we can now start enjoying the spring air and lovely sunshine. With the sun shining brightly and all the winter warmers being packed away, we […]

Why Choose Laminate Over Wood Flooring?

As laminate flooring is gaining more popularity with time, it would be only natural to consider laminate flooring for your house. And for those who are still deciding, here are the reasons why laminate is better than wood flooring. 1. Affordable And Cost Effective This is the first thing people see when they have to […]

The Finishing Touches Every Family Home Needs

A few things to consider Modern living is fast-paced, ultra-connected and always on, and our homes are adapting to our new way of life. Along with fashion and technology, the world of architecture and design is becoming influence by the new demands we place on our time. There are many aspects to this – from […]

Bring Your Home Into The Modern Age

Ideas to help bring Your Home Into the modern age Your home is your place of solitude. Your home is the place that you love to make your own, and one way we think you should be doing that is by bringing it into the modern age. We’re talking in terms of design, technology, and […]