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How To Upgrade Your Garden To Create A More Luxurious Space

***Collaborative post*** When you walk outside into your garden how do you feel? Do you find that the space instantly relaxes you or do you spend time thinking about how you would like the space to be? The fact is that if you’re not happy with your garden as it is, then you will never […]

Apps To Create A Beautiful Garden

***Collaborative post*** With the right maintenance, your garden can be one of the most beautiful spaces of your home. Perhaps you’re new to gardening as a hobby, and you’re looking to learn the ropes? Getting into gardening won’t just improve your home, but it will improve your well being at the same time. With these […]

Caring for Your Backyard: 6 Signs It May Be Time to Remove a Tree

***Collaborative post*** Trees are a valuable addition to any property. They offer protection, define a homeowner’s property line, and are beautiful and aesthetically pleasing to look at. With all these benefits, it makes sense that someone may be hesitant to remove a tree from their landscape. However, sometimes, there’s no other option. Get to know […]

How to Run Your Garden in a Sustainable Way

***Collaborative post*** If you love your garden but wish you could get more out of it and run it in a more sustainable way, you’re not the only one. These days, more and more people are thinking about how they can create a sustainable garden. It might seem difficult to know where to start and […]

3 Garden Projects That’ll Help You Deal With Boredom

***Collaborative post*** There are few things in life as annoying as being bored. When you’ve got nothing to do, then you feel like you’re just wasting the hours in a day. Boredom comes and goes at all times, but most of you are probably feeling more bored than ever right now. With strict isolation orders […]

Closer to Nature: 3 Ways to Turn Your Garden into a Peaceful Haven

***Collaborative post*** Why bother planting a garden or paying to have a landscape company install a beautiful landscape around your property if you can’t enjoy it? A garden or landscaped lot should be a place for relaxing and contemplation. It must include healthy trees and plants, visual beauty, and comfortable seating options. A successful landscape […]

Garden Improvements You Should be Making Today

The garden has to rank among the most important part of any property. It is easy to get carried away with focusing on the best parts of the home and trying to boost the interior in order to add value or create better living conditions. But a lot of people these days seem to overlook […]

Hosting a Garden Party In ‘The Great British Summer’

Hosting a Garden Party In ‘The Great British Summer’ I think we’re all a bit paranoid when it comes to the summer garden parties, after all, British weather has a habit of being glorious the entirety of your working week and as soon as the weekend comes to visit the rain starts to pour down […]

Our top five summer must have items this summer

Our top five summer must have items this summer Hopefully the horrible cold wintry days are now behind us, and the sunny summer days will fastly be here. With that in mind it has got us thinking about our summer must-have items for this summer. There is nothing we enjoy more than relaxing evenings in […]

Preparing our garden for summer – Top tips

Preparing our garden for summer – Top tips Preparing our garden for summer can be enjoyable for some but for others it can seem quite a chore. With spring fastly approaching now is the time to start planning and getting our garden ready for the summer. For the past few months we have looked out […]

Turning outdoor space Into a fun area for the children

Turning outdoor space Into a fun area for the children All parents should think long and hard about the way in which they use their gardens. Some people let the outdoor space overgrow because they just can’t deal with the maintenance. That is a terrible idea that could encourage complaints from the neighbors. Others slab […]

3 essential areas every garden needs

3 essential areas every garden needs Not every home has a lot of outdoor or garden space. That doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of the space you do have. If you have a family and the kids are still at home, your garden might be essential space you can’t do without! Are you […]

Upcycled project – wooden crate

Upcycled project – wooden crate We was recently given a wooden crate and asked if we would like it for a vegetable garden. We are still in the process of having a garden makeover at the moment so on went the creative cap to come up with another use. I knew I would be able […]

Creating the perfect outdoors space

Creating the perfect outdoors space Since moving house 8 months ago we have only just gotten round to looking outdoors. We have been so busy making the indoor space useable and livable. Now the summer months are well and truly upon us we thought now is the best time to start putting our plans to […]

Leaf It alone! how to keep unwanted pests out of your garden

Leaf It alone! how to keep unwanted pests out of your garden For many people, their garden is their pride and joy. It’s just as much of a part of their home as any room and is an opportunity to express their personality and creativity. It’s also a great outlet for a lot of people […]