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How To Make The Most of Your Loft Extension

***Collaborative post*** When you need to make more space in your home, opting for a loft extension can be a great solution. You have the space already there to use you, just to need to renovate it so that you can turn it into a lovely functional room. So if you are planning on getting […]

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Benefits Of A Steam Shower

***Sponsored post*** Have you ever considered a steam shower? did you know that there are so many benefits to having a steam shower? Do you find yourself standing in the shower for far to long? if so a steam shower would be a great investment. Not only are they good for certain health benefits, but […]

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Family Unity (With the Right Utility): What To Remember When Creating a Family Space

***Collaborative post*** We all feel that we need a bit of extra space in the home, and when we’re trying to bring the family together, a lack of space can be very challenging. Everyone in our family is on a different timetable, so when we are trying to have more quality family time, the solution […]

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4 Steps To Achieving A More Beautiful & Appealing Home

***Collaborative post*** A home is a special place that you can call your own and decorate as you please. It’s yours to do with it what you want and you can choose to invest as much time, money, and effort as you see fit. If you want it to be comfortable and to enjoy it […]

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Creating a Bedroom That Will Give You a Good Night’s Rest

***Collaborative post*** Getting a good night’s sleep is absolutely essential for your overall health and wellbeing. Sure, when we think about leading a healthy lifestyle, we tend to automatically think about diet and exercise. But sleep really does play a major role too. Getting your recommended eight hours of sleep a night can make sure […]

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Home Improvement Hacks to Make Your Property Shine in 2022

***Collaborative post*** Taking steps to help your property improve and shine this year is so important, and there are a lot of elements that play a role in this. You have to focus on making the right changes that will make your property shine, and this means tackling your home improvements and renovations in the […]

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How To Make A Feature Fireplace In You Living Space

***Collaborative post*** A fireplace in the living room is a popular decorating trend, but it doesn’t take much to make a feature of one. A feature fireplace is an indoor fire that is installed in a room and designed to be seen from the inside of your home. It is typically installed between two walls, […]

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Making The Most Of the Space After the Kids Move Out

***Collaborative post*** Many parents will experience empty nest syndrome after their kids move out, whether they head off to university, go travelling, or announce their independence by looking for a house or flat of their own. While it’s tough to see them leave, especially if they are moving to another city, you know you need […]

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Little Changes That’ll Make a Big Difference to Your Bedroom

***Collaborative post*** There are so many ways that you can give your bedroom a brand new look without blowing your budget out of the park. There are so many things that you could be doing that make your bedroom look beautiful, from changing up the curtains to adding a lick of paint to the front […]

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Top Things To Do When Doing A Complete Room Makeover

***Collaborative post*** When you have a room that you want to do a complete makeover on it can seem like the biggest task in the world. There is so much that you’re going to need to do it will be so worth it in the end. It could be that you want to turn your […]

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Avid Home Decorator – Here’s How To Help Your Space Feel New Again!

***Collaborative post*** We totally understand if you’re someone who tends to amass a great many possessions over a short amount of time. It might be that you’re a creative individual, and so absolutely love having ornaments, antiques, craft materials, decorations and wall art dotted around your home. You may have a strong sense of style, […]

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4 Tips For Your Next Renovation Project

***Collaborative post*** Following the devastation of the novel coronavirus pandemic, many individuals are slowly but surely starting to get back on their feet. Due to lockdowns and restrictions, many people couldn’t pursue their dreams of renovating their properties during this time. Although the lockdown gave them sufficient time to plan and coordinate their project thoroughly, […]

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5 Simple Touches to Spruce Up Your Bathroom

***Collaborative post*** If your bathroom is in need of a little TLC, there are plenty of upgrades you can make without an entire remodelling. A few small changes will make all the difference, and you can transform your bathroom into a haven of tranquility. Bring the spa home with essential oils, or add a touch […]

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3 Ways Interior Design Improves Your Peace of Mind

***Collaborative post*** There are all sorts of reasons as to why you might enjoy taking part in your home’s interior design. Perhaps the most obvious is that your home will no doubt look better for the effort – but what constitutes ‘better’? And how do you know you’re chasing it?  It’s worth asking these questions, […]

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7 ways to brighten up your home for summer

***Collaborative pot*** Over the last year, people have spent a lot of time in their own homes, unable to do much because of lockdown. Now that the end of restrictions is in sight and summer is just around the corner, you’re probably looking for a bit of a glow-up in your home.  Read on for […]

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