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Entertaining Teens

Entertaining Teens Teens can be a tough audience to entertain, nine times out of ten if given the choice of entertainment they’d go for a gadget of some kind. Interaction with friends is mainly done via social media, we are wanting to steer our teens away from this and get them engaged in other ways. […]

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Thames Rockets

Thames Rockets We have just recently celebrated Bradley’s 14th birthday, we celebrated his birthday in a different way this year, to celebrate we headed off to London. Bradley is a little thrill-seeker and really enjoys his fun and adventures so we took him on a surprise trip to London to experience his fastest, funniest and […]

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Our next big camping adventure

Our next big camping adventure We recently experienced our first family camping trip in the New Forest, and we all absolutely loved it! We are now very much camping converts and can’t wait to get out there under the canvas again, we already have our next big camping adventure planned. As well as being a […]

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Camping trip to Maldon

Camping trip to Maldon Just because it’s now September doesn’t mean the summer holidays are now over does it?………..No of course not! We went on a fun-filled family camping trip to Maldon and stayed at Waterside. We had planned to meet our sisters there with their partners and kiddies too. The boys had great fun with […]

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We Conquered The Summit

We Conquered The Summit We recently celebrated our crystal wedding anniversary, wow fifteen years married where did those years go. We spent our special day together with our boy’s celebrating in London. Ian had no idea but I had booked for us to climb over the o2, he knew nothing about this what so ever […]

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Camping checklist

Camping checklist Preparation is essential when preparing for any activity, making sure we have all supplies needed for the adventure/activity will make all the difference. We are taking up camping so we are making a camping checklist to help us make sure we have ALL essentials needed to make our camping experience more fun and […]

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Camping in the new forest

Camping in the new forest Last weekend we was invited along to a bloggers camping weekend, we have NEVER been camping before….. EVER. We was invited to go camping in the new forest for two nights, I kindly accepted the offer/challenge as I thought this would be a fun challenge for all of us seeing […]

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Kids in the driving seat

Kids in the driving seat Well it has been the Easter holidays after all so that meant one thing, time to have some family fun and put the kids in the driving seat for a change. I was searching the internet as you do looking up some family fun that would hold a teenage boys […]

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Project garden makeover

Project garden makeover   I now have another week off work due to still having holiday to use up so I thought I would set myself a little challenge, my last holiday off work was used to decorate the hall, stairs, landing and lounge so this time round I thought I would have a project […]

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Fun over half term

Fun over half term   This half term we have had so much fun together which we really enjoy and cherish. We started off our half term with a day trip to London on the Saturday, we went sight-seeing and had an amazing day. We saw Buckingham palace, the London eye, Big Ben and so […]

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Places to visit with kids

Places to visit with kids   With half term not so far away now do you have any day’s out planned and exciting places to visit with kids. I have been looking back over places we have visited and enjoyed, we would like to share them all with you. We are rather lucky to live […]

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Winters Day Outdoor Fun

A Winters Afternoon There is nothing quite like a lovely afternoon bike ride and some winters day outdoor fun, the dinner was cooking away in the slow cooker, the kid’s had been to their sports clubs, it was cold out but dry so we thought why not get the bikes out and have a lovely […]

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Conker poem

We would like to share with you our fun day at the park collecting conkers, but we would like to share it with you as a poem, we thought it would be more fun and enjoyable to read! Our conker poem: Conkers, conkers, lots of lovely conkers. It is that time of year again when […]

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Go Ape Treetop Adventure Course

Go Ape Treetop Adventure Course If I had to name a few things my boys LOVE it is climbing, swinging, jumping, basically anything that involves their feet not being on the ground. So when they saw what go ape had to offer and was told that they was going to be going there, well lets […]

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Fun at Southend on sea

Fun at Southend on sea Yesterday was such a beautiful day, we packed the car up and went for some fun at Southend on sea for the day for loads of fun to be had. First stop was the beach where we took a picnic and had our lunch, we then went and met with […]

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