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Top Reasons why you Should Travel

***Collaborative post*** In the last few years, many of us have been unable to travel because of various restrictions. As a result, our lifestyles have changed, and travel is no longer a priority. But there are loads of excellent reasons to travel, such as improved well-being, creativity, and education. Read the article if you need […]

Getting Your Home Ready For A Fantastic Stay-Cation

***Collaborative post*** It’s fair to say that thoughts around travel have changed over the last year or so. People are, quite fairly, more reluctant to go traveling. A lot of homeowners are instead looking at the best ways that they can improve their property so it’s a more comfortable place to spend a long season […]

3 Reasons Your Family Should Consider a Hybrid Car

***Collaborative post*** Hybrid cars are nothing new. They have been around for years, and have only continued to improve during that time. But, so many people still have misconceptions about them, or believe things that aren’t true.  In the UK, thankfully, the electric and hybrid markets are growing. As of today, there are nearly 400,000 […]

Cutting the Cost of Living in London

***Collaborative post*** London is a fantastic place to live your best life and achieve your career goals. For centuries, the big smoke has been a thriving hub of industry, commerce, science and technology. Not to mention having a plethora of awesome attractions, delectable restaurants, cool cafes, trendy bars and more exquisite parks than you could […]

How To Find The Right Car For You

***Collaborative post*** Is it time to look for a new car? It might be that you have just passed your driving test, so it could be the first car you will ever lease or buy. Or it might be that your old car is no longer suitable for your needs, so you might be on […]

First Time Visitors To Prague

Visiting Prague Danny and Katie will soon be flying to Prague. This will be their first time visiting and they hope to make the most of their visit whilst visiting the beautiful city. There are loads of beautiful places to visit with lot’s of stunning things to see and so much to do in such […]

Fun Family Day’s Out

Memory Making With Family Like most families we enjoy nothing more than fun family day’s out. We are an active family and enjoy the great outdoors. We are always looking for fun, cheap family activities to enjoy. Nothing beats quality time together as a family. Here Are A Few Of The Things We Are Currently […]

Reasons to visit Toronto

Reasons to visit Toronto Toronto, the provincial capital of Ontario, is an attractive, cosmopolitan city located on the northwestern shore of Lake Ontario. It is also known as the largest city in Canada with a major cultural and economical center of English-speaking Canada. We have not visited Toronto yet but it is somewhere we would […]

National Citizen Service – Bradley’s adventure

National Citizen Service – Bradley’s adventure Have you heard of The National Citizen Service? no me neither. Bradley came home a few weeks back now begging to go away with what he called “NCS”. Back then we hadn’t a clue what he was on about if we are honest. Since then we done some research […]

Accommodating the family: A guide to cheaper holiday digs

Accommodating the family: A guide to cheaper holiday digs When the family goes on holiday, you have to find a place to stay for a couple of weeks. Accommodation may not have been an issue in your younger days, but you now have kids to look after. Unfortunately, travel digs don’t come cheap, so you […]


Clacton For many years now we have found ourselves heading off to Clacton a few times a year. We have grandparents who retired there 16 years ago so we regularly head there to visit them. Clacton seafront has a beautiful beach and we have had many of fun days there with the boys right from […]

Girls Holiday Essentials

What A Girl NEEDS! Packing for a holiday can be an ultimate nightmare, I am always being told that I pack far too much in my suitcase when we go abroad but girls holiday essentials are important….right? One of our best investments was luggage scales, these have saved us loads of times from being caught […]

Travel Hacks

Very Handy Travel Hacks There is an art to budget travelling, especially if you’re traveling with kid’s – this creativity is most evident in the resourceful and ingenious ways that parents and travelers make the most of whatever they can fit into their luggage, this is where travel hacks come in very handy. Below you […]

Camping trip to Maldon

Camping trip to Maldon Just because it’s now September doesn’t mean the summer holidays are now over does it?………..No of course not! We went on a fun-filled family camping trip to Maldon and stayed at Waterside. We had planned to meet our sisters there with their partners and kiddies too. The boys had great fun with […]

Summertime Fun At Warmwell

Summertime Fun We are soon to be off on our holiday for some summertime fun, if I am honest we can not wait…….it definitely can’t come quick enough, I guess that’s what happens when you book your summer holidays over a year in advance, the wait just feels forever. We are soon to be setting […]