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Winterising Your Workplace: Some Do’s And Don’ts

***Collaborative post*** With winter on the way, it is around this time of year when we all need to start thinking more carefully about whether our workplaces are set up for winter. It’s not just a matter of ensuring that colleagues and customers are happy: it’s also an important health and safety matter. While you […]

4 Tips For Making Your Home Winter-Ready

The passage of linear time has been hard to track this year, for obvious reasons, but it won’t have been lost on anyone that nights are drawing in. The days are getting colder, and there is more likely to be some rain to deal with too. Although our arrangements for the holiday season might be […]

Keep warm: Be prepared

Keep warm: Be prepared Do you hibernate like me when the weather is bad. I hate the cold and I’m always looking for ways to keep warm. Being cold can really takes its toll eventually so its best to protect ourselves the best we can from the dip in temperatures. Being a support worker and […]

Surviving Winter

Surviving The Horrid Winter Months Surviving winter can be done in many of ways, we find the winter months rather cosy. There is nothing better than snuggling up under a blanket or duvet with a lovely hot drink and watching films. This is one of our all time favourite things to do as a family […]

Our Top Ten Winter Activities

A few of our favourite winter activities The wet miserable dark days are now sadly here, that horrible saying of “I’m bored”  will soon drive us all crazy. We have put together a list of our top ten winter activities that we enjoy during the winter months. These activities can be enjoyed by a wide […]

Ways to beat the winter blues

Ways to beat the winter blues Now that we’re past Halloween and Guy Fawkes Night, and well on the way to Christmas, I think it’s fair to say that we’re definitely entering the winter months. And whilst there is something magical about winter, it can often present us all with an unfortunate case of the […]