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Learn How To Balance A Busy Career With A Hectic Home Life

***Collaborative post*** Do you constantly find yourself getting stressed when you are trying to balance your home life with your career? You’re not alone and it can feel like a constant uphill battle. Particularly as you decide how much time you should focus on certain aspects of your life and where your priorities should be. […]

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Switching To Remote Work: Finding Work And Dealing With The Change

***Collaborative post*** Nowadays, more and more people are working from home than ever before. This is great news for mum’s, those with physical disabilities, and people who simply want to work from the comfort of their own property. There are lots of flexible jobs that you can do from any corner of the world now, […]

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Returning Back To Work

Back To Work I’m feeling rather excited as normality will be commencing from next week. I was in a car accident back in June leaving me in rather a bad way, I had suffered nerve damage and had a loss of feeling down the left side of my body. I was in a wheelchair for […]

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Beef and vegetable stir fry

Beef and vegetable stir fry Being working parents spending time in the kitchen is very limited but we still like a nice healthy family meal in the evening, one of our favourites is a nice beef and vegetable stir fry as it is very quick to prepare and best of all it is all done […]

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