The House That Never Rests

Hello, I am Anita – Stressed, Blessed & Craft Obsessed! welcome to our crafts section. In this section we will be aiming to share a wide range of inspirational arts and craft ideas suitable for all age groups to enjoy all year round.

I am a great believer that kids learn more through play and more hands-on experiences. I enjoy nothing more than watching imagination grow through creative play. When having fun with my grandchildren I will be encouraging them to be creative, to express themselves, be hands-on, explorative and always be willing to give things a try.

As adults we tend to lose interest in things we once loved and enjoyed “pre-kid’s” as we find life just tends to get in the way and making time for that much loved hobby proves difficult.

While it is extremely important that we nurture children’s interest from a young age, it is also important that we make time for our own hobbies too!

To make it easy to search for a craft project I will add photos with a link to the full post to each project.

Pom Pom Cushion
Upcycled photo frame