We have decided to give give ourselves the kick up the backside needed to live a much more healthier and happy lifestyle. We are now eating and drinking much more healthier meals and we are actually really enjoying homemade meals and creating fun family recipes to enjoy.

Here Are A Few Meals We Have Been Serving At Our Table:

Are you like me and want to eat healthy but also hate having to use loads of pots and pans when preparing a meal? how does breakfast in 90 seconds sound? and even better still, it’s all done using only one pot.

We have been having a closer look at our family meals. With being a working family we do enjoy quick and easy meals, even better still if they can all be cooked using just the one pot. Have you ever tried Diet Coke Chicken?

The mornings in our house can be very hectic and breakfasts can very often become a skipped meal. Trying our best to not just settle for a coffee for breakfast we have been preparing overnight oats. Something we can grab and have quickly is better than missing breakfast. Have you ever tried overnight oats?

One thing we do enjoy, and that is a nice fakeaway meal. We enjoyed making a fakeaway Chinese meal.

Do you ever have Christmas leftovers and haven’t a clue what to do with them? Here are a few ideas that may help.

A quick and easy fakeaway – Chicken shish kebab.

Looking for a nice homemade gift idea or a nice homemade treat to enjoy yourself? how about some homemade truffles? naughty but very nice!

I made Ian laugh when watching a few Christmas movies one day. In the movies they always talk about homemade Eggnog. This was something I had never tried and really wanted to – So I made my own!

The good old saying of don’t play with your food. It doesn’t count at Halloween does it?

Halloween food ideas

Who doesn’t enjoy a Lemon Drizzle Cake

A lovely homemade Lamb And Chickpea Stew