Health, fitness + Wellbeing

Keeping Ourselves Fit And Well

As a family and like many other families we all try and keep ourselves as fit and healthy as possible. We are a busy family, I work out in the community as a support worker. I am fully qualified in health and social care. Lee studied elite sports and sports science at college. Ian works 12 hour shifts and is on his feet most of his shift. Danny works in the building industry which involves a lot of heavy lifting and Bradley he is currently at college studying mechanical engineering so we are all fairly active when at work.

Being as active and healthy as we can be

We also have two dogs. A Siberian Husky girl and called Coco and a German Shepherd boy called Hunter who we go on long walks with. They have us up and on our feet a lot more than we used to be which is a good thing and one of our reasons for choosing those breeds.

Following dreams

  • At the start of 2019 I gave myself the kick up the backside well and truly needed to get myself on the right path for a new healthy lifestyle. Since then I have not looked back. Infact I have actually been enjoying it. I sat down and a made a list of the the things I have tried in the past, things I have enjoyed and even the things I haven’t enjoyed. Following this list plans were fastly made for a home gym.
  • Lee has been busy perusing his dream in the health and sports industry. He studied a course in sports science. Lees dream is to play for Spurs as he is a huge spurs fan.
  • Lee has always been sporty and can always be found with a football to hand, out jogging/running or even heading to the gym.
  • There was no doubt in our mind what career path Lee was going to take when it came to college open day.
  • All our boys are very active and sporty so we have always tried our best to encourage the healthier lifestyle.
  • Our kids love all sports, team building exercises to activity weeks and being a  youth instructor for a week.
  • Bradley has been rather an active child to. He started out doing kick boxing at the age of 7 and worked his way through to black belt. He won championships getting a bronze medal which was awesome. Sadly this had to come to an end to free up time to concentrate more on his studies.
  • I have been trying my best to fight my weight problem. I know I am over weight and I do try my best to tackle it but some days health and life problems are just too much and out comes the chocolate and wine and I sit feeling sorry for myself – this isn’t good I know. I did lose 3 st and I felt amazing and much healthier for it. I just need to focus my mind again.

  • Fundraising for a local football team is something our boys have also helped out with. Helping to raise money for sports kits.
  • Our boy’s know that they have to work hard and train hard to get anywhere in life. They also know that commitment is also needed.
  • We have also had chats with our boys about confidence and how they shouldn’t judge themselves or compare themselves against other people. We all shine in our own way.
  • Arthritis has been a problem for me for many years now. When it flares up I can barely put my foot to the floor. I suffer bad arthritis in my ankle. My GP has said as long as I keep my ankle warm and well supported I should be able to manage it OK.
  • The boys sometimes suffer with horrid colds and Hayfever, when they do it can wipe out their energy which then leads to lack of socialising and on bad days even a struggle to get out of bed.

Trying our best to set realistic goals

  • As I have said previously I managed to lose 3 st in weight, what an achievement that was. It was an awesome feeling and I would love to get back there in weight again.
  • Keeping fit and healthy doesn’t just have to be seen as going to the gym or going out for a run, they can also be activities to enjoy indoors to fun for all the family to enjoy.
  • Do you have your favorite winter items? the winter months can be horrible and we all deal with the winter months the best we can. We all have that one item that helps us cope that bit more easier on a cold winters day.
  • One thing I have learnt in life and in my job role and that is you never know what is around the corner or what you are waking up to. I went to work one day and the next time I returned home I was paralysed down my left side after a car accident. I was in hospital for ten days, I had to learn to walk again, needed intense physio and carers come to me at home on a daily basis.
  • Keeping track on your blood pressure is important. A home monitor is a good way to keep track. I can sometime suffer with low blood pressure and keep track of this myself at home.
  • One thing we like to do as a family and that is to keep track on how much we have done in a day – steps, time walking, distance etc. We like to challenge each other and see who does the most.

  • We are very much an outdoors family and love to challenge ourselves. We love to make every day a new adventure.
  • One thing I must try and find time for is Pilates. It is something I am always saying I will do but find I never really make the time for. I must make more of an effort.
  • Peer pressure is a horrible thing that has probably effected us all at some point. It can have a possitve effect on our lives and it can also have horrible long lasting effects too.