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How To Love Life At Home

***Collaborative post*** The coronavirus revealed a lot of things, including the relationship that we have with our homes. Many people discovered that, when it came down to it, they were not as enamoured with their property as they would like to be. And given how much a house costs these days, that’s a shame. While […]

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4 Tips For Your Next Renovation Project

***Collaborative post*** Following the devastation of the novel coronavirus pandemic, many individuals are slowly but surely starting to get back on their feet. Due to lockdowns and restrictions, many people couldn’t pursue their dreams of renovating their properties during this time. Although the lockdown gave them sufficient time to plan and coordinate their project thoroughly, […]

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Social Living: Make Your Home Ready for Guests

***Collaborative post*** Your home isn’t just for you and your immediate family to enjoy. It’s also there for your friends and extended family, too. In an age when it’s more and more difficult to go out to pubs and restaurants, many of us are looking to host people in our homes — or at least, […]

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