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4 Reasons To Avoid Credit Cards When You’re Skint

It’s nearing the end of the month and your bank balance is looking bare. It’s so low that you can’t afford a drink and a packet of peanuts in your local establishment. Yes, you’re officially skint. People say they are broke and have no money, but they don’t mean it. Their balance might be low, […]

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***Collaborative post*** With mounting student loan debt and limited part time job availability, many college students and recent college graduates are finding it difficult to get a leg up in the financial world without having established credit. Without credit, college students can find it incredibly difficult to perform basic tasks such as renting an apartment […]

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The Ultimate Home Saving Cheat Sheet

Money saving tips ideas The idea of being able to afford your own home during your twenties might seem like a million miles away for many of us, and it is something which can be difficult to think about saving for. Saving for a house  is a nightmare and it can be hard to balance […]

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