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Gardening Tips To Make Your Space More Sociable

***Collaborative post*** The garden is a place to find peace as well as socialise. It is a great space to use for hosting guests as well as having deep chats with your closest friends. There is something relaxing about your own personal outside space. If you don’t use it enough for socialising then you should. […]

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How To Make Your Garden More Family Friendly

***Collaborations*** Gardens are fast becoming the heart of the home as we are being told to take our socialising outdoors but when you are a family compromised of adults and children, creating the perfect space for everyone is no mean feat. That’s not to say it’s impossible. Gardens up and down the country have been […]

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Giving Your Garden A Makeover

*** Collaborative post*** Whether you’re green fingered or not, the garden is always an area that is worth investing some of your time. After all, when you want to enjoy the weather, it makes sense to create an outdoor space that you can utilise and enjoy for many years to come. You may have lived […]

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Making Your Backyard A Functional Space

 Functional Space Ideas Many of us neglect our backyards. The majority of our focus when it comes to our properties lies on the maintenance and improvement of our interiors. While this makes sense (seeing as we tend to spend more of our time indoors than outdoors), it’s also a shame that we tend to let […]

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Turn your garden into a multi-functional paradise

Turn your garden into a multi-functional paradise Most of us have gardens that we have no clue what to do with. We usually mow the lawn, add new plants, maybe use the shed and sometimes lounge in the garden, but there are times when it can feel rather dull, empty and frankly a waste of […]

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Create your very own home from home

Create your very own home from home Down at the bottom of the garden, amongst the birds and the bees, there lives a….. How would you finish the verse to that song when thinking of your own garden? Would it be, a lot of debris? A few old rusty spades and rakes perhaps? Or maybe […]

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Preparing to grow our own

Preparing to grow our own Growing our own fruit and vegetables is something we have always wanted to do but have never really gotten round to it. In our house we all love our fruit and vegetables so I don’t know why we haven’t really. We have recently moved house so we thought whilst the […]

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