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Additions That Will Increase Your Home’s Value

***Collaborative post*** You may have just moved into a new house. Buying a house is definitely an investment worth having. There may come a time when you need to sell up and move elsewhere. As soon as you move in you should be looking for ways to increase your chances of making a profit when […]

How DIY Can Cost You More Money

***Collaborative post*** Although DIY projects can have some advantages, sometimes, it is cheaper to pay a professional. This is particularly true when you have no prior experience executing that task. Over the years, there has been an increase in DIY projects due to the perception that it is cheaper. On the contrary, statistics indicate that […]

Top Tips For Building Your Home From The Ground Up

***Collaborative post*** As anyone who has ever searched for a home can attest – it’s nearly impossible to find a property already on the market that ticks every single item of your checklist. While this sometimes means that you need to make certain allowances (Goodbye games room), it also presents you with a unique opportunity […]

Upgrade Your Home During Lockdown With These Tips!

***Collaborative post*** There is nobody out there right now that’s happy about another lockdown. The world is supposed to be getting better, not worse, and while we can all do or bit to support the recovery from a pandemic by social distancing and wearing masks, we feel pretty useless. The shops are shut, the restaurants […]

How to get your home looking super stylish

How to get your home looking super stylish Perhaps you are thinking about how you can give your home some added oomph.  Maybe you are a bored with living in a bland space. You want to create a home that has the “wow” factor. A home that you are proud to show to your family […]

To extend or not to extend: that Is the question

To extend or not to extend: that Is the question Figuring out whether to have an extension on your home isn’t something you should go into all guns blazing. Having an extension has many pros, but it also comes with a few cons you need to be aware of. Let’s talk about extending and figure […]

New House Update

New House Update We have been in our new house for four months now, wow that has gone quick. We thought we would give a new house update to show how we have been getting on in that time. Take a look…(after photos will be in our next post). From November right through to January […]