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Are These Hidden Dangers Lurking In Your Family Home?

Keeping your kids safe is the number one priority for all parents, and that starts at home. Obviously, you’ve already baby proofed the house and put any dangerous things like knives and cleaning chemicals out of reach. But there are a lot of other dangers around the house that you might not have even considered […]

Making your home safer and healthier

Making your home safer and healthier Your family home should be a safe space. It should be a place where you can bring up your kids to be healthy happy adults. Unfortunately, for too many of us, our homes are far from being the safe havens we would imagine. They’re filled with potential dangers like […]

Fire safety

FIRE SAFETY I have been recently looking into our home safety and one thing I noticed was that Ian took our smoke alarms down to decorate and they never got put back up and have now been misplaced. A working smoke alarm is essential as they provide early warnings and give you extra time to escape, […]