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Are Big Brands Evolving To Support Our Teens?

Advertising to teenagers A duty of care is now expected from big brands to keep up with their consumer pool. This will see them make more informed decisions around their marketing materials, to remain as inclusive as possible, and present themselves as the go-to brand for a diverse range of people using online and offline […]

Our Top Ten Winter Activities

A few of our favourite winter activities The wet miserable dark days are now sadly here, that horrible saying of “I’m bored”  will soon drive us all crazy. We have put together a list of our top ten winter activities that we enjoy during the winter months. These activities can be enjoyed by a wide […]

Coping With Peer Pressure

Peer Pressure Is Horrible Kid’s unfortunately don’t come with an instruction manual, we are all learning the best we can along the way. Peer pressure is a horrible thing that has probably effected us all when we was growing up. It can have a positive effect on our life’s and it can also have a […]

Summertime Fun At Warmwell

Summertime Fun We are soon to be off on our holiday for some summertime fun, if I am honest we can not wait…….it definitely can’t come quick enough, I guess that’s what happens when you book your summer holidays over a year in advance, the wait just feels forever. We are soon to be setting […]

A teen friendly home

A teen friendly home We have recently been looking into our home layout and questioning ourselves as to whether it is a fun place for teens to “hang out” as the boy’s call it. When our kids was little they always had friends in to play but now they are getting older all that seems […]

Brotherly love

Brotherly love   You may or may not know that we are a family of five, we have three teenage boy’s who yes argue like mad but what siblings don’t, but when it comes to it they are always there sticking up for each other without fail. We have: Danny who is 18 Lee who […]

Meet our family

Hello and welcome to our blog. We have wrote this post so you can get to meet our family, this is a perfect opportunity for us to introduce ourselves. My name is Ian, I am a electrician, 33 years old , I love football, beer and gadgets. My name is Anita, I am a fully […]