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Make Budgeting For Your Home Renovation Easy

***Collaborative post*** When many people think of a home renovation, they envision the end result. They’ll focus on what things will be like once things are done. As natural as that is, it doesn’t mean overlooking the process itself. There’s often some stress associated with this. Most of that revolves around finances. You’ll need to […]

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Why It’s Important To Regularly Renovate Areas Of Your Home

***Collaborate*** There’s no place like home, as the saying goes. And most of us would like our homes to be perfect – or as close to perfect as possible. But even if your home is in excellent condition, it’s important to remember that it’s a living space that will need occasional renovations. Here are four […]

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How To Enjoy Your Garden All Year Round

***Collaborative post*** As winter rolls around and the nights draw in the time spent outdoors greatly decreases and instead more and more time is spent within the confines of your fours walls. That doesn’t have to be the case, however. If you have an outdoor space then there is nothing stopping you from enjoying it […]

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The Snowball Effect – Small Steps Now Can Help You Overcome Bad Habits

***Collaborative post*** Picture a snowball rolling down a hill, getting bigger and bigger as it goes. Yes, it only starts off small, but the momentum it picks up means it grows and grows almost without any effort. The great news is that you can harness this effect when it comes to making positive changes in […]

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Bigger Is Better: A Simple Guide To Maximising Your Home Spaces

***Collaborative post*** When designing your home living areas, the perception of increased space can only be a good thing. Focusing on this goal with your upcoming home upgrades will unlock increased happiness for all the family. So, what are the best ways to make the home feel bigger and better over the coming weeks? Here’s […]

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Searching For The Perfect Home? Here’s What To Remember

***Collaborative post*** If you are looking for a new home, then your home search might have so far proved fruitless. The problem that you likely have when you are searching is that you are looking for something perfect. It’s important that you understand what you actually require from a home in a practical sense so […]

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Essential Things To Consider Before Moving Into A New Home

***Collaborative post*** The excitement of moving into a new home is understandable, but moving is always a complicated process, especially when you are doing so for the very first time. You are excited about the new journey ahead; you can’t wait to start enjoying the new experiences, new beginning, etc. but getting to your new […]

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Top Tips For Building Your Home From The Ground Up

***Collaborative post*** As anyone who has ever searched for a home can attest – it’s nearly impossible to find a property already on the market that ticks every single item of your checklist. While this sometimes means that you need to make certain allowances (Goodbye games room), it also presents you with a unique opportunity […]

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Upgrade Your Home During Lockdown With These Tips!

***Collaborative post*** There is nobody out there right now that’s happy about another lockdown. The world is supposed to be getting better, not worse, and while we can all do or bit to support the recovery from a pandemic by social distancing and wearing masks, we feel pretty useless. The shops are shut, the restaurants […]

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Tips For A Stress-Free Move

***Collaborative post*** Moving house is an exciting time in your life but can also be quite overwhelming. There’s a lot to think about and tasks to complete before settling into your new property. There are steps you can take to ensure that your move is stress-free and goes over smoothly. Put in a little extra […]

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Saving for summer

Saving for summer Being a parent and trying to save money can sometimes prove very difficult. Even more so for summer activities and a family summer holiday. I don’t know about you but it often feels as if money evaporates before our eyes. As the saying goes “every little helps”. A few small changes to […]

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Preparing our garden for summer – Top tips

Preparing our garden for summer – Top tips Preparing our garden for summer can be enjoyable for some but for others it can seem quite a chore. With spring fastly approaching now is the time to start planning and getting our garden ready for the summer. For the past few months we have looked out […]

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8 Important things to look for before buying your beautiful new holiday home

8 Important things to look for before buying your beautiful new holiday home You’ve worked hard for years, your little babies are growing up, and you’ve decided that now is the time to invest in a holiday home. Finding real estate abroad is an exciting time. If you have a culture or special place that […]

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